GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Concept Art Reveals Alternate Designs For The Movie's Stable Of Villains

Ahead of their return in Captain Marvel, we take a look at alternate designs for Ronan the Accuser and his right-hand man, Korath. Thanos and his two daughters are also highlighted, so check them out here!

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Before Guardians of the Galaxy was released, Star-Lord and company were definitely considered an obscure bunch of characters even by the most hardcore comic book fans. That all changed in 2014, though, and the movie changed the landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever. 

After sharing some incredible keyframes with you yesterday, we thought you might be interested in checking out some alternate designs for the movie's surprisingly large roster of villains.

That includes Ronan the Accuser, Korath, Thanos, the Sakaarans, Gamora, and Nebula (because, yes, they started off as bad guys in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). There are some really surprising different takes here, some of which pay homage to the comics...and others that, well, need to be seen to be believed because they're really far out there. 

So, to check the artwork out, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button down below.

Ronan The Accuser

Lee Pace was well cast as Ronan the Accuser but based on the artwork below, it seems as if Marvel Studios considered older actors for a somewhat more comic accurate take on the popular villain. 




Like Ronan, Korath will also return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain Marvel and while he really doesn't look that much different, it seems like he very nearly had a much more alien look.




This piece of artwork was actually used for The Avengers' mid-credits scene but it was brought back for this movie to help establish the Mad Titan's appearance once Josh Brolin had been cast in the role.

Thanos' Guardians of the Galaxy appearance was far too brief and arguably quite forgettable but the villain still made something of an impact after promises to bathe the starways in Ronan's blood.




This forgettable bunch of foot soldiers served as Ronan's army and it will be interesting seeing whether or not there are any hints about his connection to them and to Thanos in Captain Marvel.


I think it's fair to say that Nebula could definitely be considered a hero these days but she obviously started off as a villain who we thought was loyal to her father. Expect big things in Avengers: Endgame.




Gamora didn't spend very long being a villain in Guardians of the Galaxy but she really was out for Star-Lord's blood for a while there. Her true colours quickly become apparent in the film, though!







Gamora clearly could have looked a lot different in this movie and it's interesting to see the many different ways Marvel played around with her appearance and paid homage to the comics. 

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