Top Five Films you Should Watch This October 31st!

What films should you watch this Halloween? Here are a few more unconventional choices!

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I really love Halloween. The gothic atmosphere mixed with the bright kid-friendly colours makes for one of the funnest times of the year. Y'know what else is fun though? Halloween Movies!
So now I'm gonna a give a list of some of the best movies to watch around this time of year.

Number Five - Coraline

This is one of those movies you can watch as a family and not traumatize the younger kids (much) while still getting a great sense of atmosphere, fun, and the general darkness that comes with the season. It features some stunning animation and voice work topped off with the mind of acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman. Give it a watch before putting the sugar-filled kids to bed. 

Number Four - The Babadook


This film is terrifying. One of the more recent entries on the list, it could be argued as the darkest and most grim feature (though it will be going toe to toe with number three) on the list. Made on a low budget in Australia, and focusing around the supernatural force "The Babadook", this film dives deeper than its already psychological thriller motif. It explores heavy subjects such as grief and depression, the monster generally just a personification of these feelings. It's acting top notch, it's direction unnerving, and it's monster now a reason for millions who saw it not to sleep, this film is a must watch on a night of terrors!

Number Three - It Follows

I hope you don't plan to walk alone at night after seeing this film. Or in the day after seeing this film. Honestly, I lost a lot of sleep over the monster with a thousand faces (and arguably none) that plagues our main character. While not having the heavy metaphorical aspects of the Babadook, it certainly holds to the heavy dark atmosphere and tense tone, with one of the most frightening and original ideas presented in Horror for a while. It'll scare you to the core, but leave you wanting more.

Number Two - Trick R' Treat

The Pulp Fiction and Love Actually of Horror Films, Trick 'r Treat sees four stories intertwine on a Halloween night, and the best way to describe it is - Darkly fun. Is it scary? No, not really. It has some pretty intense gore and darker character, but the stories are more something to watch to cool down from The Babadook or It Follows. It's also a gorgeously crafted film, with great shots, awesome lighting and colorful sets. Oranges and reds truly pop in the dark night. Plus Anna Paquin and Brian Cox!

Honorable Mentions!

Okay, so I couldn't include all my choices, I wanted this to be a fairly tight list, so in contradiction to that, here's a bunch of movies that may also take your fancy!

Batman Returns

This may be a little out there, as this film is set at Christmas (And is also great to watch then as well) and is also around fifth on the scale of Batman Movies, but you know what? I love this film. It makes no sense (Catwoman's origin) The penguin is altered very oddly (the mutated hands etc) and that part where Batman rips of his mask and his eye makeup is gone is weird... But the atmosphere is so rich, and surreal and dark yet colorful! The relationship between Batman and Catwoman is enthralling and the Penguin is a great movie monster! Sure. It's got it's flaws, but honestly, you could just watch this movie on mute to suck up the gothic nature mixed with the odd supernatural world. Maybe have it on in the back while you get drinks or snacks.

The Shining


Here come the fanboys... I didn't put this on the list because... It's just not as fun as the  rest. Is it a better film? Of course. But it's involved. 2001 A Space Odyssey may be a better constructed film than Star Wars, but I still know which one I'd rather watch. It's still a wonderful film and I can understand watching it on Halloween. But in the midst of a movie marathon? It might slow things down a little. I don't know maybe I'm being silly. But it seemed too obvious a choice. 

Paranormal Activity 2

Honestly, this didn't make the list because of it's sequel's truley ruining the entire series for me. Three was okay but beyond that it became a joke. The film also runs a bit too slow to appreciate in a marathon. The endless scenes where people sleep or eat or talk will have you pressing mute or fast forward. 


Number One - Evil Dead 2 

The best in it's respective series (and some would argue respective genre) Evil Dead 2 is a fantastic blend of gore, creepiness and humor, with a lovable and likable leading man. Marathoning the entire series (including the "reboot") is also a good time for Halloween, to get ready for Ash VS Evil Dead.

So those are my picks for the best movies to watch this time of year. What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed my list and keep in mind that it was opinion based.
Thanks for reading!
- CapedCruVader
Twitter - @Dyannaghas

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