JUSTICE LEAGUE: 8 Biggest Reveals And Awesome Moments In The New Trailer

Following the release of that incredible Justice League trailer, we take a look at the preview's eight biggest story reveals and spoilery scenes along with the best moments...

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Earlier today, Warner Bros. finally released the new trailer for Justice League. This is the first footage we've seen from the movie since a teaser was released during last year's San Diego Comic-Con, and while it once again left Superman on the shelf, it also happens to be packed full of major reveals and scenes which point to this being 2017's best superhero movie. 

That may seem like a bold claim, but I can't help but feel Zack Snyder has come up with something really special for Justice League. No matter what you thought about Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he's one hell of a filmmaker, so it's not at all unfair to say this movie has a ton of potential! 

What you'll find below then is my in-depth look at the eight biggest reveals from the action-packed new Justice League trailer. From story details to Easter Eggs and great scenes/nods to the comic books, this is your guide to the biggest and best moments on show here along with what they might mean for the movie once it reaches theaters this November...

8. Parademons

There's no sign of Steppenwolf or Darkseid in the Justice League trailer, but the Parademons make their presence felt in a big way. They're clearly the same aliens we saw ever so briefly in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, though it's also apparent that the henchmen are much more than just canon fodder.

Wonder Woman appears to be floored by one until the Caped Crusader makes the save, while it definitely appears as if they've invaded Earth the same way they did at the start of the New 52 reboot in the comic books. At various points in this preview, we see them take flight, but when they're on the ground, it looks like they have armour which makes them even more formidable for hand to hand combat. That's clearly why Batman has upgraded his suit as he too can be seen leaping into action against them.

7. An Ancient War

One of the most epic moments in the Justice League trailer comes when we see what appears to be millions of Parademons running into battle against an army of Amazons. While you might think that Wonder Woman enlists the help of her people to assist in the battle against Steppenwolf, it's far more likely that this is the long rumoured flashback we've heard about which kicks off the movie.

In that, man, Atlanteans, and Amazons are said to come together to take down Darkseid during his first attempted invasion of Earth and this sequence would provide some great insight both into why Steppenwolf attacks and the importance of those Mother Boxes. It's possible of course that this scene takes place in the present day or even on Apokolips itself, but I expect this to be the flashback which kicks off the movie. 

6. The Mother Box

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we saw Victor Stone's father use a Mother Box to save his son's life and transform him into Cyborg. Rumour has it that Justice League will revolve around Steppenwolf's attempt to assemble the three Mother Boxes, and up until now, fans have assumed that Cyborg would be targeted by the villain in the same way Thanos will set his sights on The Vision in Avengers: Infinity War.

Well, this trailer seems to indicate otherwise as the Mother Box can be seen hidden in Silas Stone's house among Vic's old sport trophies, and that raises a lot of questions. Did the device create Cyborg and then revert to its old self? That's one theory, though it's also possible Silas has found another. Either way, he's clearly about to be taken by a Parademon, something confirmed by the Justice League set visits a while back.

5. Mera And Atlantis

We've known for a while now that Justice League would mark our first visit to Atlantis and we're treated to a glimpse of that iconic DC Comics location in this new trailer. Firstly, we get to see Mera flanked by what appear to two Atlantean bodyguards, while a later moment features Arthur Curry swimming through the ocean.

Both of these scenes are a major step up from the awkwardness of Jason Momoa clearly holding his breath during his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cameo, and if this is what we can expect from Aquaman next December, it's fair to say we're going to be in for a visual treat! Beyond that, not much is revealed about what we can expect from this corner of the DC Films Universe, but it's made clear here that Aquaman is quite clearly one of the most powerful members of this superhero team. 

4. The Speed Force

In the comic books, the Speed Force has classically been portrayed as being yellow, but that's surprisingly not the case here. Instead, the electricity surrounding the Fastest Man Alive is blue in Justice League, something you can more than likely blame on the small screen version of the character. After all, Warner Bros. more than likely want to differentiate the two and there's no denying that it looks great from a visual standpoint.

It's interesting to note that Ezra Miller's take on The Flash seems to be quite a bit faster than Grant Gustin's, but his speed is far from the only interesting reveal here. We also get to see Barry Allen visiting his father in prison. Henry Allen is played by Billy Crudup and that makes this movie a reunion for him and Zack Snyder as the actor played Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen almost a decade ago.

3. Cyborg's New Look

There's still a long time to go until Justice League is released, so here's hoping Warner Bros. manage to improve Cyborg's appearance between then and now. For whatever reason, Zack Snyder has decided to make the hero a fully CGI creation and the results are mixed to say the least. In many scenes, Cyborg sticks out like a sore thumb and looks like a video game character in a movie which otherwise appears to utilise near flawless special effects.

Despite that, it's fair to say the character's powers are definitely impressive, and it looks like he'll stand out here as an invaluable member of the team. One interesting alteration is a face mask of sorts which Vic Stone appears to use when he travels into outer space and alien atmospheres, a pretty cool visual addition which should also serve to help him stand out from the other heroes. 


2. Aquaman Steals The Show

When Jason Momoa was cast as Aquaman, I, along with many of you, wasn't exactly thrilled about it. While he's far from a bad actor, it was hard to say if he could really anchor his own franchise as the King of Atlantis, not to mention making a significant impact in Justice League. Well, this trailer lays any doubts to rest as the actor and character steal the show and pretty much guarantee that Aquaman is the only hero we'll be talking about this November!

He gets loads of great scenes here and delivers some of the funniest lines, and it seems as if his relationship with Batman will be a highlight (especially as it appears to be similar to the way Bruce and Hal Jordan interact in the comic books). You also have to give Zack Snyder credit for finding a way to get Aquaman to literally surf on the Batmobile as he heads into action against the Parademons! 

1. Commissioner Gordon

One of the biggest and best surprises in this Justice League trailer comes when we get to meet J.K. Simmons' Commissioner Gordon. The actor looks downright perfect in the role and seeing the character back on screen alongside the Dark Knight is a treat to say the least (even if it will no doubt leave us all even more desperate for The Batman).

We know that Robin existed in the DC Films Universe, but Gordon's comment about Batman playing well with others could be a reference to a larger Bat-family, something which was pretty much confirmed once that Nightwing movie started moving forward. Does this mean the likes of Batgirl and Catwoman also exist in this version of Gotham City? I think so, and it will be interesting to see how else Snyder sets up the Caped Crusader's world in Justice League

What was your favourite reveal or moment in the new Justice League trailer? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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