JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Reveals Why Warner Bros. Weren't On Board With Original Steppenwolf Design

Justice League director Zack Snyder reveals why Warner Bros. weren't on board with his original design for Steppenwolf, with his comments finally explaining why we saw that version in Joss Whedon's cut.

Justice League director Zack Snyder recently shared a breakdown for the latest version of the movie's trailer. It's well worth a watch, particularly as the filmmaker sheds some light on why he clashed with Warner Bros. before they ultimately decided to have Joss Whedon take over and finish the movie. 

It seems that one thing, in particular, they disagreed on was the appearance of Steppenwolf. 

"There were discussions and a lot of back and forth about the new design and the creation of this new design," Snyder revealed. "I think the initial thought was that he was a little too scary and a little too alien and a little too intense. I personally thought he was awesome and that he represented a real threat, and does represent a real threat, not just to the Justice League, but to the entire planet."

Talking about the new (well, original) version of the Justice League villain, the filmmaker added: "I think he looks amazing and that the team has done a great job."

The two versions of Steppenwolf are worlds apart, and the take that's coming to HBO Max is definitely scarier than the cartoonish, typical CGI baddie we saw in the 2017 cut of Justice League. Whether he'll look any better in action remains to be seen, but he seemed pretty damn formidable in that new trailer.

What do you guys think?

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cosplayers with costumes better than the movies!

10. Emma Frost - @danielledenicola

Emma Frost made her big screen debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but was given a leading role in X-Men: First Class. January Jones was certainly as scantily clad as her comic book counterpart in Matthew Vaughn's movie, but her costume...well, it wasn't really one, if we're being honest! 

This take on the psychic's "Marvel NOW!" outfit will definitely be appreciated by some fans, though, and is way more in line with what they're used to seeing Emma wear in the comics. Whether it will ever make it to the big screen is another matter, but it definitely fits the former villain's personality.

9. Juggernaut - @hummin_h2

Well, who would have guessed the Unstoppable Juggernaut could be brought to life with purely practical effects? Fox (unsuccessfully) tried that with X-Men: The Last Stand, and Vinnie Jones looked ridiculous. Deadpool 2, on the other hand, went the CGI route and the villain looked...okay.

The red colour scheme here is definitely appreciated, and it's easy to imagine this Juggernaut battling everyone from Spider-Man to Colossus on the big screen. You have to believe Kevin Feige will have some plans for this iconic baddie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but time will tell on that front.

8. Rogue - @emdavfro

mutant gang 💚 📸 @nataliepaganiphotography

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Rogue was a focal point of the original X-Men trilogy, and was later cut from X-Men: Days of Future Past (don't worry, those scenes can still be found in the movie's "Rogue Cut"). As one of the world's most powerful mutants, her potential was never fully explored on screen, and that's a real shame. 

When she does inevitably return, then we certainly hope Rogue is decked out in a costume as comic accurate as this one. Perfectly paying homage to the green and yellow colour scheme many fans feel is "classic" Rogue, it's not remotely unfair to say this is a million times better than what Fox did.

7. Batgirl - @realamandalynne

It's been a long time since Batgirl has been seen in live-action, and while Warner Bros. is supposedly developing some sort of feature film starring the character, who knows what's going on with that (the last real update we heard was that Michael Keaton's Batman would serve as a mentor to her). 

When the character does return to the big screen, here's hoping that she dons an awesome, colourful costume like this. Perfectly paying homage to the source material, it perfectly suits a hero like Barbara Gordon, and is way better than what we saw all those years ago in Batman & Robin!

6. Robin - @masked_mateo

Of course, it's entirely possible that Warner Bros. plans to stick to the same aesthetic introduced in movies like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If that's the case, when Robin finally makes his DC Extended Universe debut, a costume like this would definitely work in live-action. 

If there's even a slim chance that we'll get to see Robin's death at the hands of Jared Leto's Joker in Zack Snyder's Justice League, it would be beyond amazing to see him donning a suit like this one. There's some colour in there, but it's easy to picture him fighting crime alongside Ben Affleck's Batman.

5. Black Cat - @animiaofficial

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 introduced "Felicia," and well, she never got a costume (making this impressive effort automatically better). At this stage, there's no indication that Black Cat is set to appear in Spider-Man 3 or even her own solo outing after the Silver & Black fell apart. 

When it does happen, it would be incredible seeing a costume as good as this one. While we would definitely anticipate some practical changes, keeping it simple and sticking to the comic books would be the smartest possible move, as this incredible cosplay most definitely proves to the case. 

4. Captain Marvel - @maidofmight

Captain Marvel's costumes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been fine, but they're a little busy (and oddly "armoured" looking for one of this shared world's most powerful characters). This simplified, slightly more colourful, version is a big improvement and more in line with the comics.

The sash is obviously appreciated, and it's not hard to imagine a look like this one perfectly suiting Brie Larson. While some fans remain fixated on that classic Ms. Marvel costume, Captain Marvel is here to say, and we definitely wouldn't be against something along these lines making it into the sequel.

3. Spider-Man - @b.o.d.m.a.n

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Spider-Man looks spectacular for the most part, and if Tom Holland does eventually get to don his black suit, then it will hopefully be an improvement on Spider-Man 3. That effort definitely underwhelmed, and simply didn't do the source material justice. 

This version, however, looks phenomenal. Interestingly, it looks more like a practical suit than a "symbiote," but remember that Peter Parker has donned a regular version of his black costume on countless occasions since then. If and when that happens, it will struggle to be as good as this take!

2. Elektra - @vampybitme

Elektra has made two big screen appearances (in Daredevil and her own solo movie), and later joined the rest of Marvel Television's Defenders on Netflix. Unfortunately, the character never really looked how fans hoped, despite both versions paying homage to the comic books to at least an extent. 

This cosplay, however, is truly out of this world. It literally looks like Elektra has been torn out of the pages of the comics and brought directly into our world. It's unclear whether Kevin Feige has any interest in this assassin - or the Man Without Fear - but it will take a lot of work to top this epic effort. 

1. Storm - @ms_cargill

Halle Berry and Alexandra Shipp did the best they could with the material they were given in their respective X-Men movies, but neither version of Storm ever really resonated with fans of the character. At least part of that was because of the bland, uninspired costumes she so often wore on screen. 

Well, this cosplay proves that what we've seen on the page could work because this is a pitch perfect take on Ororo Monroe that makes it clear she's both a powerhouse, and X-Men royalty. This character is almost certainly a priority for Marvel Studios, but time will tell how soon we get to see her in action...

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