Marvel Phase 4 On Disney+: 10 Major MCU Rumors You Need To Know

It's an exciting time to be a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to Disney+, and we've now rounded up the ten biggest rumours you need to know about Marvel Studios' plans on the streaming service.

Thanks to the launch of Disney+, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to expand massively over the next few years. An entire slate of TV shows has been announced by Marvel Studios, with the likes of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Moon Knight, and What If? all in development. 

With so many exciting projects on the way, there are also a lot of rumours doing the rounds about what comes next, and we've now rounded up some of the most exciting for you in once place. 

Some of these have been reported on CBM, while others haven't. Ultimately, we don't know how many will come true, while it's inevitable others will be debunked or simply never come to fruition. 

Time will tell, but there are a lot of must-see rumours here which you guys can check out by hitting "Next."

10. Ghost Rider Is Getting His Own TV Series

Before Marvel Studios decided to take charge of Marvel Television, a Ghost Rider TV series starring Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes was coming to Hulu. That was scrapped, unfortunately, but a project potentially bound for Disney+ is now said to be in the works from Kevin Feige and company.

Very little is know about it aside from the fact it will likely revolve around the Johnny Blaze version of the character and that, unlike the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff, it will be set in the MCU. 

That show teased Johnny's existence, but it's unlikely Marvel Studios will reference that in any way. Ghost Rider is a good fit for the supernatural direction this shared world is seemingly heading in, and he'll fit in well alongside characters like Blade, Moon Knight, and Werewolf-by-Night. 

9. She-Hulk Will Deal With "Superheroic Law"

The signs are all pointing to Mark Ruffalo returning as Smart Hulk in She-Hulk, and that more than likely means Jennifer Walters' origin story will adhere to the comic books (where the lawyer ends up getting a life-saving blood transfusion from Bruce Banner which leads to her transformation). 

Interestingly, though, this Jennifer is said to be a successful lawyer who specialises in cases involving "superheroic law." This same report mentioned that she occasionally gets involved in superhero battles as She-Hulk, so Jennifer is likely to be used in the way we hoped Matt Murdock would be.

Other descriptions have indicated that characters like Jill Stevens and Mallory Book will also appear.

8. Some Familiar Comic Book Costumes

Marvel Studios knows how to keep fans happy, and it sounds like that could involve some familiar comic book costumes. While concept art for Hawkeye has shown Clint Barton in his purple superhero costume, rumour has it he'll also don that familiar t-shirt from Matt Fraction's comic book run. 

Between that, the inclusion of Pizza Dog, and rumours which say that the Tracksuit Mafia will appear, it's clear Fraction's work is going to inspire this Disney+ series in a significant way. 

It was also noted that there will likely be a nod to U.S. Agent's original black suit in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and we wouldn't be at all surprised if that comes when the U.S. Government is testing out various looks for their new Captain America (or when John Walker becomes U.S. Agent).

7. Big Plans For Ironheart

Last November, it was claimed that an Ironheart TV series was in the works for Disney+. Since then, those rumours have persisted, but we recently got a big update on plans for the show.

It's now said that Ironheart is in "active development" and providing COVID-19 doesn't cause any further delays, a late 2021 shoot date is expected. For the time being, no writers or even a showrunner has been attached, but that could change over the course of the rest of this year. 

We know that a Young Avengers movie or TV show is another big project being considered by Marvel Studios, and Riri Williams is definitely a good fit for that group (instead of, say, Iron Lad). 

6. Kang The Conqueror To Make His MCU Debut In Loki

It's no secret that the God of Mischief will be travelling through time in Loki, something that brings the villain to the attention of the Time Variance Authority. In the comics, Kang was a member of that organisation for a time, while his teenage self travelled back in time to become Young Avengers member Iron Lad in a bid to escape his future. 

There are rumours that the team of heroes is coming to the MCU at some point, so all of this could ultimately tie together and lead to the eventual introduction of Kang. It seems unlikely that the big screen version will have a past as convoluted as his comic book counterpart, so it could even be that meeting Loki is what sets him on a villainous path as a time-traveller. 

That's just speculation for now, of course, and there's no word on how the Disney+ series will introduce Kang. However, many fans remain convinced that it will be Owen Wilson playing him.

5. Ms. Marvel Will Bring Back The Inhumans

Quite some time ago, we came across some pretty bold claims that Vin Diesel has been cast as Black Bolt in Ms. Marvel, while Avengers: Age of Ultron star Aaron Taylor-Johnson will return to the MCU to play Maximus the Mad. Back in February, though, further confirmation of plans for the Inhumans in this shared world found their way online. 

It was said that both Red Dagger and Kamran are being cast, and the latter was named as an Inhuman.

Considering the fact Ms. Marvel receives her powers courtesy of the Terrigen Mists, common sense says that Marvel Studios will have to reboot those characters, and there have even been rumblings that the poorly received ABC series will be referenced and made fun of in this show. 

4. Supreme Squadron Will Also Appear In Loki

Members of Loki's production team have reportedly been ordering a vast array of material, "with the common thread being the appearance of the Squadron Supreme."

There have been a number of iterations of that team in the comic books over the years, with their first appearance coming in the late 1960s when Roy Thomas and John Buscema introduced the group as Marvel's version of the Justice League. Members included heroes like Hyperion, Nighthawk, Power Princess, and the Whizzer. 

A more recent version of the Squadron Supreme has been made up of characters from alternate universes, something that would fit into a show like Loki seeing as he's travelling through time/realities. Interestingly, this isn't the only team rumoured to appear as the Minutemen have also been mentioned (they work with the TVA).

3. Some Top Contenders For Moon Knight

We've seen a few names suggested for the lead role in Moon Knight, and while that rumour about Zac Efron didn't really seem to go anywhere, Keanu Reeves and Daniel Radcliffe have been mentioned a few times now. They're two very different actors, and both would bring something very different to Marc Spector in the MCU. 

For what it's worth, Radcliffe has denied knowing anything about the series, while Reeves' name has been put forward for a number of characters since his post-John Wick rise in popularity.

With that in mind, it's probably best to take these claims with a pinch of salt. However, now a showrunner has been attached to Moon Knight (Jeremy Slater), chances are casting is happening.

2. A Secret Warriors Project On Disney+

A Secret Warriors project is said to be in early development at Marvel Studios. There have been a couple of different versions of the team, including one based around S.H.I.E.L.D. characters Nick Fury, Quake, Phobos, Yo Yo Rodriguez, Hellfire, Sebastian Druid, and Stonewall.

A version of that was group found its way into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but even though that show is nearing its end, something tells us Feige probably isn't mulling over a sequel series. There was also an animated Secret Warriors series on Disney XD revolving around Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Patriot, Inferno, Squirrel Girl, and America Chavez, so it could take many forms.

For what it's worth, Chloe Bennet has said that she's hear nothing about this, so if it does happen, chances are Quake will either be recast of won't end up factoring into the planned series. 

1. Marvel Studios Wants An "Alison Brie-Type" For She-Hulk

Rumour has it that Alison Brie could be a contender for the role of Jennifer Walters in She-Hulk. The GLOW star is potentially at the top of Marvel Studios' wish-list, though they may also be happy with an "Alison Brie-type". 

That's very vague, but this was to be expected for lawyer Jennifer Walters. After all, while fans have spent years imagining actresses like Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey as She-Hulk, Jennifer transforms into her superhero persona the exact same way Bruce Banner does when he becomes the Green Goliath.

Brie would later respond to these reports during a chat with James Corden, and the host came out of that conversation convinced that she had been cast, so this could be Paul Rudd as Ant-Man all over again...

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