New 2020 1/6th Scale Kotobukiya WOLVERINE Collectible Statue Pops Its Claws

After 2014's X-Force rendition of Marvel's most ferocious mutant, the latest entry in Kotobukiya's Fine Art Statue line is a new take on Wolverine which sports the traditional blue and yellow costume...

Wolverine is almost as popular as Batman when it comes to collectible figures and statues. From Alpha Flight to Age of Apocalypse, nearly every incarnation of the centuries-old X-Men has been offered up by Sideshow, Kotobukiya and others. 

However, sometimes the classics are best and the latest, highly-detailed offering from Kotobikiya's Fine Art Statue line is looking to get back to basics. After a stellar, black-and-white X-Force version of Wolverine in 2014, the 2020 Fine Art Statue line has brought things back to the familiar blue and yellow take on Wolvie.

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This statue was digitally sculpted to portray an intense battle scene from base to statue. Wolverine has been carefully sculpted to showcase realistic movement and energy as he charges towards his enemies at full force.

The disintegrated cement portrayed as the base for the statue adds extra depth and realism to the scene. The high-quality cold cast resin adds extra texture to every aspect of the statue, making this a piece of art that replicates the qualities of Wolverine is a way that can only be created by cold cast resin.

Cyclops, Gambit, and Magneto are waiting on standby! Keep an eye out for the ever-expanding FINE ART line!

The statue is set for release in June in Japan and will retail for ¥ 34,500 yen (~$315 USD).

As previously mentioned, a 2014 Wolverine for the FINE ART line featured a black and white X-Force version of Wolvie. We'll have a pic of that collectible statue at the end. That particular figure (as with all the other entries in the FINE ART line) sold out quickly and has increased in value.

Some collectors are complaining of Wolverine overload, requesting other X-Men get a chance to shine. Besides Wolverine, who would you like to see receive a high-end collectible figure/statue?

Other Marvel characters in the Kotobukiya FINE ART line include Rogue, Thanos, Deadpool, Carnage, Black Panther, Punisher, Storm, Weapon X Wolverine, Juggernaught and Black Widow.

Who do you think can replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the MCU? Comic book fans keep suggesting short actors so that the character is more in keeping with his comic book stature.

Before he was cast as Black Knight, Kit Harrington was a popular choice.

Should Wolverine debut with the first introduction of the X-Men? As comic book fans know, Wolverine was not part of the original lineup that consisted of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Ice Man, Beast and Angel.

In the comics, there's a ton of alternate versions of Wolverine running around right now including X-23, Daken, Jimmy Hudson Jr., Old Man Logan, Honey Badger, an actual wolverine named Jonathan, Rein, Weapon H, and a robot copy named Albert.

The Wolverine Fine Art statue from 2014 regularly sells for $400-$500+ on eBay.

Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo has recently made noise about wanting a Hulk vs Wolverine movie. Would you rather see Wolverine introduced in a film without the other X-Men,, perhaps going back to his Alpha Flight or Weapon X days?

Another popular rumor is that Wolverine will appear in Deadpool 3. The question is whether Hugh Jackman will somehow return?

Hugh Jackman previously stated that he would potentially return as Wolverine if the X-Men joined the MCU. At the time, such a concept seemed farfetched but here we stand with Kevin Feige teasing the imminent arrival of mutants to the MCU.

Another popular rumor is that the X-Men will soon be receiving a new Disney+ animated series (not connected to the MCU). It's obvious that such a show would focus heavily on Wolverine.

Recently, we featured a sixth-scale Wolverine for Sideshow with a $250 price tag.

How do you think the MCU will handle the back story of mutants like Wolverine that have been around for hundreds of years? Will mutants exist in a separate reality or will they suddenly appear in some sort of mutant population explosion?
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