GODZILLA VS. KONG: MPC Films' VFX Supervisor Reveals The Intent Behind Godzilla's "Evil Laugh" (Exclusive)

The long-awaited Godzilla Vs. Kong featured plenty of action, but it also included some rather bizarre moments, and VFX Supervisor Pier Lefebvre has now revealed the intent behind Godzilla's "evil laugh."

Although the wait for Godzilla Vs. Kong felt like a lifetime; when the film finally launched, it seemed to please Monster-Verse fans with its incredible visuals Titan-on-Titan action.

Both of the monsters held their own in different settings, and while Godzilla had an unfair advantage in the water, Kong was able to utilize his agility in the city's landscape. Because of this, there are several rounds in this Kaiju match-up, and the rivalry between the two iconic creatures builds as the movie progresses.

When we recently had the chance to speak with MPC Films' VFX Supervisor, Pier Lefebvre, he broke down each of the fights and explained why they added the sinister smile and "subtle, evil laugh" that the King of Monsters emits in the film.

"Where he has a bit of that evil laugh; It's part of the liberties we got to explore where they're not chasing each other in this city. The way they introduce them in the movies, Godzilla won the first round, which is on the boat. And then the second round is where Kong is a bit more agile, and he can take advantage of his environment. So I think that the smile that you see in Godzilla is like, 'finally, I got a piece of you.' It's basically that.

And because he's so poised and he's a reptile, he doesn't have a lot of range. So I personally didn't know until I saw the movie with the audio because we do get temp sound, so it helps with the explosion, and Kong makes monkey sounds, so it's okay, but Godzilla usually has more of that crazy roar.

Then when I heard that laugh, I was like, this is so cool. It draws it to like a creepy level, but it's very good. It's not overdone. It's quite subtle. If you don't pay attention, you don't really hear it. But it has like that little like rumble that feels like a laugh, which is quite good."

What do you guys think? Did you notice the sinister smile and laugh from the Kaiju, or were you too focused on the action? Be sure to share your thoughts in the usual spot!

Godzilla Vs. Kong is currently streaming on HBO MAX. Those who enjoyed the interview with MPC Films' VFX team can hear the full chat below!

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