STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS Exclusive: Padme Actress On Why She Loved Voicing Mission In KOTOR The Most

We recently chatted with Star Wars: The Clone Wars voice actress Catherine Taber about playing Padme, but she also mentioned that her role of Mission in Knights of the Old Republic was her favorite!

Although Star Wars: The Clone Wars has finally ended well over a decade from when it began, many fans are still raving about the animated series. Even the show's cast is still reminiscing about it, just as Padme Amidala voice actress Catherine Taber did when she recently spoke with us about Haven's End.

While Taber leads a live-action cast in Haven's End, she was happy to chat with us about her many Star Wars roles, even those outside of The Clone Wars. With too many characters under her belt to list, we chose to focus a bit on her video game experience in the franchise.

The topic ranged from more serious games she lent her talent to, such as The Force Unleashed, to kid-friendly titles like Lego Star Wars, but she couldn't stop herself from mentioning Knights of the Old Republic multiple times. When asking about her nostalgia for the game, she revealed that it was her first role in the franchise and spoke about how her portrayal of Mission still sticks with her and fans to this day.

Listen to Taber speak exclusively with us using the podcast player below. We've included the transcript of the conversation about Knights of the Old Republic, but you can also hear her go to detail about voicing Penelo in Final Fantasy XII in the audio clip below.

"I think that KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic) will always be my favorite of the Star Wars games. I love The Old Republic too, and there's going to be more of that content, and that's fun to keep expanding deeper and deeper into that universe. But the narrative of KOTOR was kind of new at the time. And that was my first game, but I didn't really play a lot of video games at the time. And so I didn't understand that there was all this narrative and there was this backstory. And I will say to this day that in certain video games, as an actor, you have more character development, more of a character arc. You get to do more different things than you could ever imagine.

Even if you take something like The Walking Dead or a film, you're there, and you get to tell this amount of the story in this amount of time, but in video games, it's this whole expanse sometimes. And it really is like doing this amazing deep, long play. And when the writing is good, like I think it is in KOTOR, it's amazing. And it's an art form. And to this day, I know that has to be true because the story of Mission and Zaalbar touched people, her Wookiee, and people will still say if they killed Mission, which took you to the dark side, it's the worst thing you could do. Some people are still guilt-ridden over that. I think that's so cool."

The voice actress clearly loved her experience with Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic, and Mission definitely made an impression on her just as it did for other gamers. She also looks to be excited for her future in The Old Republic based on her comments, so fans can look forward to that. 

For those who enjoyed what she had to say about the role, we have also included another of our chats with Taber in which she discusses playing Padme in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Check it out below, along with the trailer and synopsis for Taber's recently released film, Haven's End.

*This interview has been edited for clarity.*

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