STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI SPOILERS - Counting Down All Of The Biggest Reveals And Most Shocking Moments

Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi goes on general release across the galaxy over the next couple of days, and here we've counted down the 10 moments most likely to leave your jaw on the floor...

Star Wars: The Last Jedi certainly gives us a lot to chew on, and, as I mentioned in my review, a lot of the plot developments are almost certain to cause controversy.

Many fans who read through the spoilers prior to seeing the movie were pretty upset, but seeing how things play out in context is sure to be a very different experience.

Here, we've counted down the top 10 most shocking moments and surprising revelations in The Last Jedi as they unfold onscreen. Have a look, and be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place.

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10. Luke Tosses The Lightsaber

As we already know from the trailers, Luke accepts his old lightsaber from Rey near the beginning of the film... and promptly tosses it over his shoulder.

This actually got one of the biggest laughs of the movie, and brilliantly played off the perceived reverence of the scenario while making it very clear that this is not the Luke Skywalker of old.

Of course, the saber doesn't actually fall into the water... Rey's gonna need it later!


9. Leia Saves Herself By Using The Force

For a shocking moment, it looked like we were going to be saying goodbye to Leia very early on when The First Order (Kylo does not pull the trigger, though) destroy the command ship bridge, leaving The General floating in space .

However, we then see the daughter of Anakin Skywalker use the force for the very first time as she propels herself to safety.

The rest of the Resistance Commanders are not so lucky, and we even lose Admiral Ackbar (sniff). That was one trap he didn't see coming.


8. The Truth About Luke And Ben Solo Comes Out

We were led to believe that Ben Solo betrayed his master outright and slaughtered the other students, but there's a lot more to it than that.

During one of their force-connected chats, Kylo reveals to Rey that Luke actually attempted to murder his nephew when he sensed the darkness rising within him, which ultimately led to Ben giving himself over to Snoke entirely and becoming Kylo Ren.

However, Luke later explains that he only considered ending Ben's life for a moment before coming to his senses, but by then it was too late.


7. Yoda

Yoda was rumored to make an appearance in The Last Jedi very early on, and sure enough, the little green fella returns to help his old apprentice right when he needs him the most.

When Rey leaves, Luke is determined to burn down the first Jedi temple and all of the ancient relics within, but rather than talk him out of out, Yoda makes the choice for him and sets it all ablaze with a lightning strike.

The reunion between these iconic characters is a joy to behold, as Yoda teaches Luke one more lesson, ultimately giving him the strength to forgive himself and put things right.


6. Captain Phasma Returns... For About 3 Minutes

Were you let down with Captain Phasma's screen-time in The Force Awakens? Looking forward to seeing a lot more of her in The Last Jedi? Well... tough!

Phasma returns for a tiny cameo to do battle with Finn, before losing half her mask (we get a glimpse of Gwendoline Christie's eye and no more) and then dying - this time for real.

It's a pretty cool sequence overall, but what a waste of a potentially great character. It seems Phasma is the Boba Fett of this new trilogy after all.


5. Kylo Betrays Snoke, But Doesn't Turn To The Light 

If you were hoping to find out about Supreme Leader Snoke's history here you can forget it, as the "arch villain" turns out to be nothing more than a plot device.

Kylo brings Rey before his master, who extracts the whereabouts of Luke from her mind, before toying with her a little and ordering his servant to dispatch his true enemy.

That'll be Snoke, then.

What follows is a terrific sequence as Rey and Kylo team up to take out the Praetorian Guards, but once the fight is over they remain foes, each turning down the other's offer to switch sides.


4. Rey's Parents Are...

Nobody... or at least, nobody important.

Once Snoke is dead, Kylo reveals the truth to Rey (and us), and it turns out young force-wielder's folks were a pair of drunks who sold her off, and are now laying dead in a junkyard.

This is sure to be a divisive turn of events, but when you think about it, The Force Awakens never actually attached that much importance to Rey's true parentage - the fans took that upon themselves.


3. Holdo Goes Out In A Blaze Of Glory

We're not too sure about Laura Dern's Vice Admiral Holdo when she's first introduced, but it turns out she has the Resistance's best interests at heart, and ultimately gives her life to save what's left of the fleet.

Having remained behind while the others flee to Crait, Holdo aims the command ship right at The First Order's dreadnought and jumps into hyper-space. We then witness one of the most jaw-dropping moments of the film, as the enemy's ships are silently decimated.

We barely knew you Holdo, but you went out like a boss.


2. Luke Becomes More Powerful Than You Could Possibly Imagine

Or, for all intents and purposes, Luke dies.

When all hope seems lost, the legendary Jedi Knight arrives on Crait. After a touching reunion with his sister, Luke walks out to confront his old student, lightsaber at the ready... kinda.

It turns out Skywalker is only using the force to project an image of himself, and is actually back on the island. When Kylo "strikes him down in anger", we see Luke become one with the force as his body vanishes while he gazes at the twin suns one last time.

This will surely wind up being the most controversial thing about The Last Jedi, but it's a truly beautiful moment, and does make sense for the story that is unfolding in this trilogy.


1. The Jedi Rise Again

Once Rey, Finn, Leia and the others are all safe aboard The Falcon, we cut to the Crait kids playing with a Luke Skywalker toy (trust me, it's not as out of place as it sounds) before being interrupted by the tyrannical stable-master.

Then, the boy who helped Finn and Rose escape earlier walks outside and grabs a broom using the force.

The final shot of the film is the boy gazing at the stars, as it becomes clear that a new generation of Jedi will rise.

Which of these moments did you find most surprising? Did we leave anything out? Sound off below!


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