Warner Bros. TV Acquires Ben McCool's Memoir

The comic mini-series about a cocky young reporter investigating a small farming community that mysteriously lost their memories three years ago, except for one person.

MEMOIR, the Image Comics series by Ben McCool and Nikki Cook

Excerpt from MTV News interview
Publisher's Marketplace announced the news yesterday that Warner Bros. Television have acquired "Memoir" as a TV series, though at this time, no further details are known about the project's development, the key talent involved and other kinds of specifics. But here's one thing we do know: McCool is very, very excited.

"Me and artist Nikki Cook are absolutely delighted that a company as prestigious as Warner Bros. TV has elected to pick up 'Memoir,' and we're very excited to see where things go from here," he told MTV News when reached for comment. "Me and Nikki have always felt that the potential to tell stories in the 'Memoir' universe was abundant, so with a bit of luck there'll be plenty more of them coming soon!"

Ben McCool: MEMOIR, in a nutshell, is a creepy amalgamation of TWIN PEAKS and THE TWILIGHT ZONE: small town dysfunctional America with a sci-fi/horror twist. Lowesville, a small town out in the arse end of the Mid West, is a place where nothing much happens, and the folk living there like it that way. However, one morning Lowesville’s residents awakens with no idea of who they are, where they are, or what’s happened… It seems the town’s memory has been erased. All except for the mind of one man: he remembers everything.

Cue stashed dead bodies, many a rambling lunatic, plus a strange girl claiming to be the Daughter of God…

Three years ago the story of the small farming community that had experienced a collective memory loss was a big story. But like all big stories time has a way of making people forget. Even most of the general public that followed the headlines thinks Lowesville is part of some kind of hoax.

And just as the attention has died down along comes the main character of the story, Trent MacGowan. He is a young journalist, recently graduated from college. Trent is a self-centered character and is only looking to exploit the towns folk to better his career. But his arrogance is just a front to disguise his true self. He shields himself with a cocky outer shell, protecting himself from a memory that he can't quite let go, but it haunts his dreams. As he stays in Lowesville, his nightmares become more vivid and he begins to think what happened in his distant past has some sort of connection to the people of Lowesville.

The story picks up steam when Trent receives an email from one member of the Lowesville community who claims to have never lost his memory during the event. That character is Bob, a frumpy dressed forty year old who is eager to tell Trent everything he knows. The two are polar opposites and bump heads right off the bat, but shortly after their meeting things start to get out of hand in the town. Two guys that have to put their differences aside in order to uncover the secrets of the town.

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