SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING - New Concept Art Reveals Completely Different Final Act & Spidey Vs. Vulture Battle

Newly surfaced Spider-Man: Homecoming concept art reveals alternate plans for the movie's final act, and shows off a comic accurate Tinkerer and a different location for Spidey's battle with The Vulture...

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Spider-Man: Homecoming placed the wall-crawler squarely in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and set the stage for the hero to become a pivotal part of Marvel Studios' future plans. 

With Jon Watts at the helm, Sony Pictures delivered a great Spider-Man movie which saw the titular hero go toe to toe with The Vulture. However, some newly surfaced concept art reveals just how differently the movie was going to play out while it was still in the pre-production stage. 

From a comic accurate Tinkerer, to a large gathering of villains where Chitauri tech would have seemingly been auctioned off to the highest bidder before a massive explosion sent The Vulture packing, there's a lot of great stuff here (including a different location for the movie's final battle). 

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A comic accurate Tinkerer? That was clearly the plan early on, but Orange is the New Black's Michael Chernus ended up playing the character, delivering a more comedic take in the process. 


It appears as if the final act was going to feature Adrian Toomes and The Tinkerer gathering a number of wealthy businessmen to show off the devastating tech they had created with Chitauri tech.


Spider-Man would have been keeping a close eye on the proceedings here (who wants to bet this would have been an auction?), and Marvel could have tied this into Ant-Man and what remained of HYDRA.



Rather than being stolen from Stark Industries, it seems like that plane was meant to belong to Toomes and was something he would have used to make his escape (unless he'd already stolen it).

Based on that explosion, though, it appears as if something would have gone wrong during this meet-up and that the Chitauri tech would have once again blown up due to its unstable nature.




These awesome pieces show the battle between Spidey and The Vulture, as the villain uses his wings to bring down the warehouse around him. This led to a classic piece of comic book imagery!


Rather than using The Vulture to hitch a ride, it seems like Spidey's initial plan was to ground him in these pieces depicting what was going to happen next after the hero emerged from the rubble.

It's hard to say why Spidey would keep a piece of alien tech in what seems to be a greenhouse, but this was clearly conceived fairly early on in the development process and didn't make the cut.

Spider-Man takes to the skies as he hops aboard the camouflaged plane and attempts to steer it away from New York City. Unlike some of the other pieces here, this did make it into the final cut! 


These atmospheric shots from the final battle show the wall-crawler facing down The Vulture as a fire rages around them. However, as you'll see in the next piece, there's one major difference. 

Rather than taking place near Coney Island, it seems as if an earlier version would have been set in the city itself. Ultimately, it's doubtful this would have changed the final battle all that much. 

This stunning piece of artwork ended up inspiring one of the best pieces of imagery in Spider-Man: Homecoming, as Peter Parker takes a break from being a Friendly Neighbourhood superhero. 

Iron Man (well, his armour) gives Spider-Man a stern telling off, and this is another piece of artwork which clearly heavily inspired what ended up in the Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios movie. 
Many thanks to Henrik Tamm for the concept art used throughout this post!
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