SPIDER-MAN 3 Casting Points To Plans For The Threequel To Introduce A Member Of Ned Leeds' Family

Spider-Man 3 is currently shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, and a new casting call has gone out for what appears to be a member of Ned Leeds' (Jacob Batalon) family. Find out more details after the jump...

There's an awful lot we don't know about Spider-Man 3, but speculation continues to run rampant that it could be some sort of adventure spanning the Multiverse as Peter Parker attempts to make his identity a secret again (and clear his name after Mysterio framed him for his murder). 

Time will tell on that front, but it's looking like Jamie Foxx will take on the lead villain role as Electro. 

Whether Jacob Batalon's Ned Leeds will get to see any action remains to be seen, but if you follow the actor on social media, you'll no doubt be well-aware that he's lost a tonne of weight (something which has led to some Hobgoblin speculation, even though that's a stretch for a number of reasons). 

Now, The Direct is reporting that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are looking to cast a Filipina actress between the ages of 50 - 80. It's only expected to be a small supporting role, but the site's sources claim that the character will be one of Ned's relatives. We're assuming that means his mother or grandmother!

What importance, if any, she'll have to Spider-Man 3 remains to be seen, but getting to explore Ned's home life promises to be interesting - especially if it ties into everything that's happened to his best friend (perhaps this relative won't want him having anything to do with the web-slinger).

Stay tuned to CBM for more updates on Spider-Man 3 as we have them!

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Spider-Man storylines Marvel Studios still needs to adapt!

10. The Master Planner Saga

Marvel Studios has already plucked an iconic piece of imagery from "The Master Planner Saga," but there's so much here that would work in a future movie, it should definitely be considered.

A classic Stan Lee and Steve Ditko tale, the web-slinger first met Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn here, while his race to find a cure for his dying Aunt May ensured this made for tense reading. Doctor Octopus being revealed as the Master Planner was a nice twist, and borrowing some of the ideas on offer here to introduce that villain could be a smart move on Marvel Studios' part.

"Anyone can win a fight when the odds are easy! It's when the going's tough when there seems to be no chance, that's when it counts!" Spidey says at one point, emphasising his hero status.

9. Coming Home

J. Michael Straczynski's opening chapter in his Amazing Spider-Man run is definitely worthy of a big screen adaptation, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige even wrote a foreword for the TPB!

It introduced some mystical elements to Spider-Man’s powers (something which would definitely work following his team-up with Doctor Strange), a mysterious new mentor in the form of Ezekiel (who has all the same abilities as the wall-crawler), and the damn near unstoppable villain Morlun. Determined to consume Spidey’s essence, he pursued the hero through New York City in one of the character’s lengthiest and most brutal showdowns ever.

Marvel Studios basically adapted the final scene from this arc - Aunt May discovering her nephew is Spider-Man - so it wouldn't be overly suprising for them to return to "Coming Home" for inspiration. 

8. The Six Arms Saga

This storyline from the early 1970s touched on a lot of very heavy subjects, including Harry Osborn’s drug addiction and the death of some of Spider-Man’s closest allies in the process.

Believing that he needs to hang up his webs for good, Peter creates a concoction he thinks will get rid of his powers, only to wake up the next day with six arms instead of two. Based on what happened at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the MCU's web-slinger making a similar decision wouldn't come as a huge surprise depending what happens in Spider-Man 3.

The storyline included the Lizard and Morbius, the Living Vampire, and if you throw in the uniqueness of seeing Spider-Man with six arms, this could be a blast to see play out on screen.

7. The Death Of Jean DeWolff

While Captain Stacy was included in both Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man, none of the previous movies have really explored the wall-crawler’s relationship with the NYPD. Giving Peter an ally on the force would be pretty interesting - even though he probably is a fugitive now - and that could one day lead to a big screen adaptation of "The Death of Jean DeWolff."

The comic played out very much like a murder mystery after Spidey discovered Jean had been killed, and making the hunt for this serial killer a subplot in a future Spider-Man movie definitely has a tonne of potential (Sin-Eater would also be a great, unexpected choice of villain for the MCU).

Her relationship with Spider-Man is a fascinating one worth exploring, too, especially as he discovered she had feelings for him following her murder. That may not be appropriate here considering the fact Peter is still a teenager, but seeing these two interact in a movie is definitely a must.

6. Superior Spider-Man

Look, most of Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man run sucked, but Superior Spider-Man was a pretty good idea on the surface, and it's something that could make for an entertaining subplot in a movie.

We certainly wouldn't want this villainous Spidey to become the status quo in the MCU, but a future clash with Doctor Octopus ending with the reveal that he's taken over Peter Parker's body could be a fun tease. However, we'd want to see Peter regain control before the halfway point of a sequel. 

That could lead to one final clash with Doc Ock, not to mention some villains that leader of the Sinister Six could no doubt cross paths with while he's this shared world's so-called "superior" Spidey.

5. The Clone Saga

If you’re a fan of Spider-Man’s comic book adventures, chances are that you probably want to forget the "Clone Saga" ever existed. An admittedly convoluted mess, Marvel Studios and Sony would have to trim a lot of fat from this storyline for it to work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It was The Jackal – secretly Professor Miles Warren, one of Peter’s college tutors – who cloned the hero, and he’s a villain who has a lot of potential to be great on the big screen despite not being that well-known. Having the young Peter come face to face with another version of himself would be really interesting, too, and kicks open the door to a potential Scarlet Spider spinoff.

It's about time Peter move on from high school, so that's how Warren could come into play. 

4. Legacy

Norman and Harry Osborn were a huge part of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but that doesn’t mean the Green Goblin should be left on the shelf.

While it would be great to see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker clashing with Norman (a villain with the potential to become a big bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe if handled the right way) suited up in his classic green and purple costume, the whole Goblin glider look has still been done to death, so taking things in a drastically different direction is required.

That’s where this Ultimate Spider-Man tale could come in. "Legacy" featured a Norman who transformed himself into a hulking beast capable of throwing flames from his hands and flying through the air, and pitting the young hero against such a terrifying adversary would definitely be different to what we’ve seen in past instalments.

3. The Scorpion

This one isn’t a storyline as such, but The Scorpion’s first appearance from way back in the 1960s could very easily be adapted in Spider-Man 3. Mac Gargan was a private eye hired by J. Jonah Jameson to discover the hero’s secret identity, but the newspaper publisher ultimately decided to fund an experiment to transform him into The Scorpion when that plan failed.

Unfortunately, Mac was driven mad in the process and ended up going after both Spider-Man and Jonah, something which forced Peter to save the guy who created one of his greatest foes.

The groundwork was laid for this at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, and with TheDailyBugle.net owner supposedly set to assemble the Spider-Slayers in the next movie, why not create Scorpion too?

2. Kraven's Last Hunt

Kraven the Hunter may not have the same flashy powers as some of Spider-Man’s other villains, but he’s someone that comic book fans are desperate to see on the big screen.

The villain arriving in New York City to hunt down the young vigilante actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it, especially now he's been framed as a killer by Mysterio.

Jumping straight into "Kraven's Last Hunt" may seem premature, so why not save that for the Kraven the Hunter movie that's in the works? Having him try to take the wall-crawler down - only to be humiliated in a throwaway battle - could be a smart way of setting the stage for a rematch in that solo outing.

1. Spider-Verse

"Spider-Verse" featured Peter Parker meeting almost countless alternate versions of himself when a group of near immortal vampire like beings started travelling through the Multiverse in a bid to kill every Spider-Man, ever. To do so, this ancient family of mystical beings basically fed on all those different versions of the hero, leading to an army of Spider-Men assembling to stop them.

Even if Spider-Man 3 is only going to tease the concept of the Web of Life and Destiny, then Marvel Studios could fully embrace the concept in a future movie with a full-blown "Spider-Verse" event.

This would be a blast (especially if it meant introducing a tonne of new versions of Spidey), and is arguably a logical next step after Peter Parker potentially meets his counterparts from the Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man franchises. If they return, then that would obviously be a bonus. 

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