SPIDER-MAN PS4: Check Out 16 Spectacular New Pieces Of Concept Art And Stills From The Upcoming Video Game

Spider-Man now has a release date and the latest issue of Game Informer is packed full of brand new images which you can check out after the jump. There's even a brand new look for an iconic villain...

It's been a long time since we got to swing through New York City as Spider-Man in a video game but that's going to change this September when Spider-Man PS4 is released. Based on everything we've seen from the title so far, it's going to be an epic adventure for the wall-crawler crammed full of customisable costumes and fan-favourite characters from the comic books we'll be interacting with.

Now, thanks to the latest issue of Game Informer, we have a whole new batch of stills from the title showcasing key moments from the game and concept art giving us a feel for what we should expect.

There's even a very interesting look at a redesigned version of The Shocker which is sure to get fans talking but it's the wall-crawler who takes centre stage here as we see him taking on a variety of bad guys in the Big Apple. So, to check out these images, all you need to do is click 
through the gallery below and be sure to stay tuned to CBM as we'll have plenty of new details for you tomorrow...

Here, we see the wall-crawler - in his new suit - webbing a goon to a rooftop. The question is, are you going to be able to leave a note saying, "Courtesy, your Neighbourhood, Friendly Spider-Man"?

This amazing piece of concept art shows Spidey squaring off with someone who looks an awful lot like a slimmed down version of The Kingpin but I'm guessing it's probably just a random baddie.

We know that Spider-Man is going to be armed with a cell phone in the game so how cool will it be if you're able to make stops around the city to take selfies like this for your collection? 

The Daily Bugle is a staple of Spider-Man's world but will you be able to pay a visit to J. Jonah Jameson and company before being assigned to take on various photography assignments? 

The wall-crawler strikes an iconic pose in this shot and there's a very good chance the hero will be pulling out plenty of these based on the various bits of footage we've seen from the game so far. 

It's safe to say that slow-motion effects will play a major role in this game and here we see Spidey using his Spider-Sense to dodge an incoming missile fired by what looks like a random bad guy. 

Who is Spider-Man talking to here? It could be Mary Jane Watson but we know that a lot of supporting characters from his world will be popping up so there are a lot of different possibilities right now. 

Who is this? Unfortunately, I haven't been keeping up with news on the game closely enough to know but if you have any ideas, please do let us know in the comments section down below. 

The web-slinger is doing whatever a spider can here as he throws a punch which takes out an entire group of guys! What's the deal with that red mist in the background? We'll have to wait and see.

Mr. Negative (one of Spider-Man's lamest villains if we're being honest) is going to play a key role in the game and here we see Spidey using some webbing to pull down scaffolding on his goons.

Here, Peter can be seen checking his cell phone in a way only he can. Just how much of a role - if any - that will play in proceedings remains to be seen but it could come in handy for the character.

One of the best things about Spider-Man's video games is getting to swing through the city and explore New York at your leisure from a spider's point of view. With these visuals, it will be epic.

This is definitely The Shocker but it appears as if the classic comic book villain has undergone quite a few changes here as he robs a bank (likely moments before being foiled by a certain superhero).

Spider-Man is one of the Marvel Universe's strongest superheroes, so getting to see him demonstrate his strength like this should be a lot of fun and this is hopefully one of many examples from the game.

This concept art shows Spidey doing battle with Mr. Negative on the subway in what promises to be an incredible set piece. It marks a different setting for the hero's video game adventures as well. 

This is just a random promo shot of Spider-Man but it provides a great look at the costume and the changes which have been made to it for this game. That white spider works better than expected!


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