THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Concept Art Reveals A Lizard Bus Chase Which Didn't Make It Into The Movie

In this spectacular gallery of newly surfaced concept art from The Amazing Spider-Man, we see an amazing looking sequence of the wall-crawler battling The Lizard atop a bus through the streets of New York.

The Amazing Spider-Man certainly had its moments but, as reboots go, it was a tad disappointing. For the most part, the action scenes didn't disappoint (that battle between Spidey and The Lizard in the school was awesome) but there could have been one more standout sequence.

Now, thanks to concept artist Josh Nizzi, we're able to see what an additional set piece would have looked like courtesy of some spectacular artwork. 

As you can see in the gallery below, Spider-Man and The Lizard were going to square off on top of a bus that would have ploughed through New York City before eventually crashing into an iconic location. This would have been massively expensive to film which could go some way in explaining why it didn't make the final cut, but it could have also been exactly what this reboot needed. 

To take a look through this artwork, click the "Next" button to check out the entire fight sequence! 

The Lizard chases Spider-Man through the streets of New York, making their existence very public in the process. 

This is a very cool take on the web-slinger's costume and likely came before that controversial final design was settled on. 

An injured Spidey races after his prey, hopping over some iconic taxis in the process as he attempts to put Curt Connors down. 

With two superpowered beings battling on top of that iconic New York Sightseeing bus, you'd best believe accidents happen!

With the driver seemingly losing control of the vehicle, the fight between Spidey and his nemesis continues above. 

The police watch on as this happens but they're pretty much powerless to stop the brutal battle that's taking place here. 

As The Lizard gains the upper hand and holds on for dear life, he's also forced to dodge bullets from Captain Stacy's men. 

That driver has to be knocked out or something because he surely could have just stopped the vehicle and jumped out! 

An updated take on the wall-crawler's classic costume definitely would have gone down better than that weird redesign. 

We told you that the bus would ultimately crash into an iconic location, right? This would have been amazing to see! 

As we mentioned at the top of this post, this would have been an expensive sequence to film as is evident from this shot. 

Technology in 2012 was good enough to bring most of it to life with VFX, though, and it would have made for exciting viewing. 

Spidey clearly would have thought The Lizard was done only for him to then burst out of the ice to attack the web-spinner. 

This artwork is actually from the movie's final battle, as an unmasked Spider-Man battles The Lizard with George Stacy watching on.

With Curt Connors determined to transform New York's citizens into monsters like him, Spidey leaps back into action. 

Here, we see the police undergo their own transformations, and this should have been much cooler than it ultimately was. 

The final battle certainly had its moments, but nothing that quite lived up to how impressive it looks in this piece of artwork. 

It was forced, but those cranes turning so that Spider-Man could swing through the streets of New York to reach The Lizard was cool!

It looks like new York was originally going to find itself facing a pandemic thanks to The Lizard leaking that gas everywhere. 

Many thanks to Josh Nizzi for the concept art featured throughout this post. Make sure to head on over to his website by clicking HERE to check out more of his spectacular work!
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