No, Jared Leto Did Not Say "F**k 'Em!" To WB Regarding SUICIDE SQUAD Or Playing The Joker Again

After several Camp Mars attendees began to dispute the accuracy of the original Tumblr post, the "source" has now clarified that Jared Leto's comments about Suicide Squad were taken out of context.

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In what should be unsurprising news, the original account owner of the Tumblr page which set the comic book movie community afire yesterday with reports that Jared Leto told attendees at his music camp (Camp Mars) that he felt tricked into joining Suicide Squad and that he might not reprise the role of the Joker has now clarified their Tumblr post with the following:

1) I think it’s highly problematic a media outlet such way [sic] is sourcing someone’s impressions posted on a tumblr account as some sort of fact – when no direct quotes from Jared were ever posted.

2) The 9 second “[frick] em” snapchat video had been posted identifying that that was Jared’s response to his contract asking he not rock climb while filming. That was all it was in regards to. If a media outlet wants to take it out of context to get people to click on an article that has no direct basis beyond someone’s impressions – that’s on them.

3) It’s no secret Jared feels disappointed in what ended up being the theatrical release of Suicide Squad. He’s discussed this repeatedly in interviews during the promotional tour in London. This is the same sentiment he shared in moments during Camp Mars – however he did say he had a lot of fun creating the joker and needs more joker as well.

4) I never meant or wanted my impressions over hearing Jared’s disappointments in the Suicide Squad editing to be taken out of context. It was interesting to hear him be so honest and open and while I captured 16 seconds of that particular moment on snapchat and shared it – there were dozens of people in that room videotaping minutes and possibly the entire event – as a request had never been made to not record it.

If that request had been made – I never would’ve recorded a second of it. I personally just really loved his vibe in that second, being about following his passions no matter what, that I wanted to share it.

The fact this has happened has made me very apprehensive over sharing any additional impressions or thoughts on Camp Mars. Which is unfortunate because it was a very entertaining weekend, Jared was lovely & lively, and I wanted to discuss so much.

Even in the original post, the only verifiable information was a video where Jared Leto was asked about whether he felt concern over "blatantly breaking his Suicide Squad contract by doing dangerous activities such as rock climbing" and his short response was ""F**k 'Em" but it was clearly meant to be a humorous moment, Leto was smiling and clearly not serious.  The rest of the post, regarding Leto's thoughts about being tricked and being unsure about returning to play the Joker was pure conjecture and has now been debunked.

The original reports first surfaced on the popular genre website, before spreading to other outlets. However, it was quickly questioned.

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