SUICIDE SQUAD (Non-Spoiler) Early Review: The Hero the DCEU Deserves?

The DCEU has been very divisive as of late, with many comic book fans criticizing the direction the universe has been going. After a minor misstep called Man of Steel, and a major one with Batman V. Superman, is Suicide Squad the hero the DCEU needs right now? Will it change how the universe is perceived? Is it another mistake in the lackluster DCEU? Find out after the jump.

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Yes, I have seen it

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Originally Posted 7/31/16


First of all, I enjoy both Marvel and DC. I find Man of Steel to be very underappreciated and found the Batman V. Superman: Ultimate Cut to be very solid (even though the theatrical cut was a disaster.) It is undeniable that the DCEU has been dividing fans since Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was released. Some hail the film as a masterpiece, but general consensus was mixed. The cinematic universe got even more divided when Dawn of Justice opened. Critics shred the film to pieces, though it has gained a growing fanbase since the release of the Ultimate Edition. Both of these films had one major thing in common: Zack Snyder. Suicide Squad is the first film in the DCEU to not have the controversial director steering the ship, but is that to its favor? Yes. SUICIDE SQUAD IS THE BEST FILM DC HAS RELEASED SINCE THE DARK KNIGHT RISES


The Story:


Directed by David Ayer, Suicide Squad follows a team of criminals and thieves described to be “the worst of the worst.” Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) decides that it is time to put a team together after the tragic events of Dawn of Justice, [BVS SPOILER] which left the world without a Superman [SPOILER ENDS]. After a supernatural threat attacks Midway City, the government is forced to call in Task Force X, to go, though reluctantly, save the world.


Overall the story was very solid. The film follows the team on a “taking the city back” scenario which very much helps the development of the characters. But the story still has its flaws including the fact that it sometimes feels like the film forgets much of the squad’s characters. The film also takes a while to find it’s footing and tone, due to the fact that the editing feels sort of messy in the first 30 minutes, but when it gets it right, it’s great. In addition the villain was very very bad, but more on that point later.


The Characters:


Suicide Squad introduces some very fantastic characters, some of them, not so much. The best additions to the DCEU are who you would expect: Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Deadshot (Will Smith), who is the best member of the bunch. They are the ones who get the most screentime, with the film focusing a lot on them. Deadshot is fantastic and though Will Smith practically plays himself, the character has a very emotional backstory involving his daughter. The audience in my screening even Awwwww-ed during a moment with Floyd and his daughter. HIs emotional pull is what makes the character more relatable, even establishing a better father-daughter relationship than Scott Lang and Cassie. He got applause more than once, due to the fact that he is such a badass. I cannot imagine someone else portraying Harley Quinn besides Margot Robbie. She embodies the character perfectly, just like Ben Affleck was to Batman (who is a scene-stealer in whatever scene he is in). Her relationship with the Joker is what makes her so insane and crazy, and her backstory really makes the audience believe that. Robbie gives her all in something unlike anything ever seen in a superhero film. In a sentence her performance can be described as “a whole lot of pretty and a whole lot of crazy.”  Harley Quinn is also the only reason the Joker (Jared Leto)  is in the film. I feel the same way about the Joker in Suicide Squad as I do with Wonder Woman in BvS. They both are only a taste of their full potential, but in what they are in, they are serviceable. Leto plays a mix of old and new in what is definitely a different take of the Joker. El Diablo and Rick Flagg are also good characters, and are both part of very good story arcs.


Unfortunately, there are throwaways. Captain Boomerang is a mediocre character whose only purpose is to be used as comedic relief. He is still funny but also has a fetish very similar to that of Deadpool and Hello Kitty. Killer Croc barely says anything at all, he is also only used to make jokes and only shines in a small underwater scene. The worst of all of the squad is Katana who should have never been in the film at all. I am almost sure she only said 5 words in English and 5 sentences in Japanese.


There is a reason why the villain has been hidden in all of the marketing. This is because the villain is the worst thing about this film. I will not say who the cliche “destroy the world” character is, but the motivation behind its intentions is juvenile at best.




This film was fun as hell and my crowd went nuts for it. The action sequences were fantastic, so was the direction of David Ayer. He puts in what the DCEU has been lacking lately: pure joy. The film also has a killer soundtrack, using everything from, Spirit in the Sky to Without Me to Black Skinhead. Yes, this is the hero DC needs right now and though not as good as Civil War, it is a breath of fresh air in a stale slate of recent blockbusters. This is 2016’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It is something unique and different, finally mixing the humor, the grit, and the fun that DC so desperately needs. One thing is for sure: It’s good to be bad.


Rating: B+


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