MAN OF STEEL: Warner Bros. Still Won't Release A Sequel Starring Henry Cavill, But Why Not?

Last week, we learned that Henry Cavill is in talks to return as Superman, but not for a Man of Steel sequel! The question is, why is Warner Bros. still so reluctant to give the hero his own film?

Superman is arguably the world's most iconic superhero, so why doesn't the character dominate the big screen as much as The Avengers or Batman?

Looking at recent big screen outings, we see that Superman Returns grossed only $391 million on a $232 million budget, while Man of Steel earned a somewhat more impressive $667 million on a still surprisingly large budget of $225 million. That's not going to result in a massive profit for a studio like Warner Bros., and it appears as if Superman has suffered because too much money has been spent on his movies, something which lessens those all-important returns. 

That alone could answer the main question this article poses: why won't Warner Bros. release a Man of Steel sequel? If the hero can take flight on The CW, we're sure that production costs could be reduced, and there are a long list of filmmakers out there who would love to take a crack at Supes. Zack Snyder's version of the DC Comics character was lacking the necessary hope and optimism that's come to define Clark Kent, and proved to be darker than many fans would have liked...after all, did we really need to see him watch his father die or break General Zod's neck? However, while Snyder is now hard to work finishing Justice League, his time in the DC Extended Universe is over, so it's not like a Man of Steel sequel would have to use the same branding as the first instalment or follow the groundwork the director laid. 

With that in mind, what's the deal with the hold up? Henry Cavill's interpretation is weighed down by a lot of baggage (with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and a CGI jaw being the most obvious examples), but his Clark Kent still hasn't fully had chance to soar, and remains beloved by many fans. Paying moviegoers would flock to see another adventure starring his Superman, and the same could not be said for Brandon Routh's back in 2006. 

Instead of his own movie, Warner Bros. is now looking to have Superman potentially appear across multiple franchises in a supporting role. Shazam! 2 and The Flash have been named among the possibilities, but the character deserves better. There could be a method to Warner Bros.' apparent madness, of course, especially if this is their attempt to reinvent and redeem Superman in the eyes of moviegoers, thereby opening the door to that desperately sought after Man of Steel sequel. If that's not the plan, then it's truly baffling to see Superman left on the shelf while we're faced with yet another Batman reboot exploring the Caped Crusader's early years in Gotham City with familiar villains like The Riddler and The Penguin. 

For now, we're unable to provide a definitive answer as to why Man of Steel 2 is not in the works, and can only hope plans change sooner rather than later. It is easy to see why the studio might be reluctant, but if executives can see past that, then we could finally get to see Cavill's Superman receive the big screen treatment he deserves. 

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