The Flash's Rouges

Some of the villains of the scarlet speedster, that could be in the Flash movie.

Well folks, we all have heard about the plans for a Flash movie. I was wondering which villains from the Flash’s large Rouges Gallery would be in it, or who could possibly play them. Well I put together a little list here of some of his most famous and unusual enemies.

I’ll start off with the first super foe of the original Flash. He has continued to hound subsequent Flashes with his “Dark” tendencies. I present to you Shade. I think the actor playing him needs to be able to be dark, yet funny. So I feel Crispin Glover could be the Shade.

The next character is one of those that you love, or hate. He is unusual at best, he is Ragdoll. Rag Doll is a master contortionist. He is triple jointed, and his body is absorbent enough to withstand concussive forces capable of rendering most human individuals unconscious. He is an excellent thief, and one of the Flash’s more unusual foes. I think there is only one actor with the build and abilities to play Ragdoll, and that is Doug Jones.

The next man isn’t a man at all. He is a highly evolved, super advanced, highly intelligent ape. He has been a long time foe of the Flash, and possibly the late Charlton Heston..NRA !. This is another of those characters that will probably be CGI, so therefore an actor with a powerful vocal presence is needed. Once again I would have to pick Keith David as Gorilla Grodd.

The next enemy is the Reverse Flash. There have been three Reverse Flash’s over the years. I’m focusing on Professor Zoom, and Zoom. Both of these have created much harm and strife for Barry Allen and Wally West respectively. They both have super speed equal to the Flash’s. The actor I chose could play either of these characters, but would be more suited to play Zoom, Ryan Gosling.

Murmur, the amazing Steve Buscemi. Nuff said.

The Rouges

The next group was all members at one time or another of the Rouges.

First is the founder of the Rouges Captain Cold. Cold is intelligent, and carries custom freeze guns, that freeze anything to absolute zero. He wears visor and a parka, yes a parka, even in the summer. He has engaged at one point or another every Flash from his era, and a few that weren’t. I think Guy Pearce would be “cool” Captain Cold.

The next rouge has had an unusual relationship with the Flash. He was born deaf, his family spent an enormous amount of money to cure his deafness. He became obsessed with sound, in his hands a phone can be a deadly weapon. He is also one of the few homosexual characters in comics, he is the Pied Piper. And I can only see one actor playing him. You know him as Frodo, I think Elijah Wood is the only Pied Piper.

This is one of the Flash’s more comical, yes I know they are all comical, villains, the Trickster. He has actually had some important roles in recent DC comic events i.e. Countdown to Final Crisis. The actor playing him has to be funny, and I think this pick could pull it off, heck he even looks like him, I give you Seann William Scott.

The Weather Wizard is as his name implies, he’s a guy who can control the weather. He used to carry a “wand” that manipulated the elements. The range of his abilities were as simple as shooting someone with lightning, to covering a town in a blizzard. I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers could do an excellent job as Weather Wizard.

Heat Wave is a villain that suffers from pyromania. He loves fire and he hates cold, he is scarred of the cold. Which is ironic when you consider the fact that he frequently teams up with Captain Cold, Captain COLD. He joined the Rouges because of Captain Cold. Heat Wave carries a powerful handheld flamethrower, and wears a suit that used to be made of asbestos. To play him an actor with an unusual build is needed, he can’t be skinny, or ripped. He should also be able to act. I think Matt Damon would be great for this role. He can do action, is great in a supporting role, and a few years ago he admitted to being a Flash fan.

The Top is an obscure character in comics. He has the ability to spin at incredible speeds The Top is able to spin at incredible speeds the spinning allows him to deflect bullets and projectiles. The spinning increased his intelligence, and eventually gave telekinetic and telepathic powers. It was impossible to find a picture for this guy, there is only one or two sites with decent pictures of him. To play him I think Justin Hartley from Smallville could play him, after all it is a small role.

The Mirror Master is a character that has a pretty cool and unique gimmick. There were two Mirror Master’s. In a film it would be best to combine the attributes of both characters as Justice League Unlimited did. Both Mirror Master’s used mirror gimmicks, the second one discovered a mirror dimension that allowed him to travel through mirrored surfaces. I think Paul Walker would be an excellent Mirror Master. Paul Walker has the looks, the build, and he could act the part.

Abra Kadabra is from the future. He wanted a career as a magician, so he went back in time to find an audience to entertain, and commit crimes. His "magic" is actually advanced technology from the future. Abra Kadabra eventually sold his soul to Neron in exchange for real magic. The first actor that comes to mind is Braniac, and Piccolo, or ore correctly the actor that plays them, James Marsters. He is an excellent actor, with an enormous presence that would be required for the part.

Well those are some of my picks for the Flash’s enemies. He has an enormous amount of foes, so there is always someone I missed, in this case several. Hope you enjoyed it let me know what you think.
HAWK out.
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