Was THOR: RAGNAROK Ever Going To Include The Franchise's Human Characters?

The God of Thunder spends only a very small amount of time on Midgard in Thor: Ragnarok but was it ever the plan for the likes of Erik Selvig and Jane Foster to show up here? Hit the jump to find out...

One of the biggest problems fans seemed to have with the previous Thor movies is the fact that so much time was spent on Earth as opposed to Asgard. However, what that meant was that we got to spend time with human characters like Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, and Dr. Erik Selvig. Thor: Ragnarok does bring the God of Thunder back to Midgard but that lot is literally nowhere to be seen this time.

While you might think that's because of contractual issues or the fact that they might not have wanted to return (Selvig will actually appear in Avengers: Infinity War), the truth is that it was never the plan for them to appear in the threequel. That's according to the movie's screenwriter Eric Pearson:

"No. No, they never did. This is such a different one, and Sakaar and the Hulk take up so much time. Sakaar is crazy enough on its own. If you brush by it... people probably already think it's verging on too crazy. So, if you were to just gloss over that, then I think that people would have been bothered or not enjoyed it as much. So, we only had so much real estate -- plus the introduction of Valkyrie, who I think really came together as a fantastic supporting character. Tessa was so great."

We have no idea if a fourth Thor movie will ever happen but it will be interesting seeing what direction that takes as Ragnarok was very much cosmic in nature and that seemed to pay off for the God of Thunder in a big way. Are you guys disappointed about the lack of characters from Midgard in the movie? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts on this news in the comments section below. 
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