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Yay Daredevil and Elektra. I have no words, just enjoy!

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Oh hai there, it's time for another dual movie, this time revolving around Daredevil and the spinoff, Elektra. But first, we shall deal with Daredevil that stars Ben Affleck (now the BATMAN) and Jennifer Garner (now the....I dont know). I've always heard that these movies are terrible and should be avoided at all costs but since I watch bad movies for you guys, I figured I'd bite the bullet and go through these...wonderful films.

If I didnt know any better, that's probably the face I was going to make after seeing Colin Farrell say "BULLSEYE" every 15 minutes.  I understand, your name is Bullseye and not the horse from Toy Story 2. Anyway, the story. This is about a lawyer that was blinded by toxic waste and now has the power to fight crime. All of his senses are enhanced, with the exception of sight, of course. The fight scenes were pretty impressive and Kingpin was pretty intimidating. But then again, when we see Bullseye...HE MAKES SURE TO TELL US HIS DAMN NAME OVER AND OVER.

One thing I hate about superhero movies is how they need to throw in the romance cliche. I dont care about Daredevil and Elektra all of a sudden caring about one another after a chance meeting and fight in the kids playground of all places. Overall, I liked this movie...sorta. But I liked Elektra more for some strange reason....but I'll get to that in a second...

Now that I'm here, I just wanted to say that it's rare that a spinoff is far better than the original. How you ask? Better writing, better acting, better characters, that's how. This one revolves around Elektra becoming an assassin for hire and has to protect a father and her daughter. This daughter is also apparently the chosen one and is in trouble. Whoops. Her mentor is also blind who brings her back from a near death experience. I'm going to assume it was from Daredevil in which I'm currently trying to forget.

The chosen one is being stalked by a group of sinister assassins called The Hand. That's scary. When I think of deadly ninja assassins, I think of The Hand. I dont know why this movie got negative reviews, it wasnt a love story like Daredevil seemed to be and apparently there was supposed to be a cameo with Affleck in this one but it apparently got cut, I liked the fight scenes more in this movie than Daredevil. Kingpin was still a better villain than The Hand, though.

If you enjoy bad movies that arent part of the MCU, then I recommend giving both a shot. I enjoyed them for what they worth, but I wouldnt watch them constantly.

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