THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER Spoiler Recap And Discussion For "One World, One People"

Today's The Falcon and The Winter Soldier delivered plenty of big twists and turns, and we're now taking a closer look at everything that played out in this in-depth recap of "One World, One People."

We kick off this week's final episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier with Bucky arriving in New York. After meeting with Sharon Carter (who was called in by Sam), they attempt to put a stop to whatever the Flag Smashers have planned for the members of the GRC who are about to vote on the controversial bill that will send those left behind after the Blip back to their own countries.

No time is wasted in introducing us to the new Captain America, though he soon finds his hands full when Batroc appears. Karli distracts Bucky while her crew make off with the hostages, and Sam takes flight after besting Batroc to try and save a few GRC members who are being taken to "safety" by helicopter.

We soon learn that Karli doesn't care whether she has to abandon her plan to hold them for ransom, and she makes it clear that killing them will still have the desired impact. An extended action sequence follows with Captain America flying through the skies in pursuit of that chopper, and he ultimately manages to take out the pilot and save those aboard as well as a couple of New York City cops caught in the crossfire.

Bucky, meanwhile, confronts the Flag Smashers with John Walker, and is left struggling to get the hostages to safety after one of Karli's people sets the transport they're in on fire. Walker is out for blood, but finds himself overpowered. While all this is happening, Karli pushes the other vehicle into a nearby building site, leaving the former Captain America with a choice: take his revenge or save those inside from a huge drop. He does the right thing, but is soon knocked out of the way, leaving Sam to save the day and the lives of these GRC members. 

The Flag Smashers make a run for it, but Sharon catches up with Karli (who reveals that Carter is, in fact, the Power Broker). Batroc appears and figures out that Sharon hired him, but she guns him down and takes a bullet from the super soldier. Bucky and John lead the rest of them into a trap where the NYPD is waiting, while Sam arrives on the scene and makes it clear to Karli that he won't fight her because he wants to help. She's having none of it, and just as she's about to gun him down, Sharon kills her.

A devastated Sam hands her body over to the authorities, but puts the GRC in their place with a rousing, inspirational speech that's 100% Captain America. He does all this in front of the cameras, and we see Isaiah Bradley watching on from home. The Flag Smashers are seemingly about to be broken out by a loyal supporter, but the transport they're in is blown the old man who was shown serving Baron Zemo a few episodes ago. In The Raft, Zemo hears the news on the radio, and lies back, satisfied with a job well done. 

John Walker is given a new costume - and title - by "Val," and seems very happy as the new U.S. Agent. Bucky, meanwhile, makes amends with Yori and the rest of the people on his list (he leaves his book with all the names crossed out as a gift for his psychiatrist). Sam meets with Isaiah and Eli, and talks about what it means to be a Black Captain America. He then takes them to the museum dedicated to Steve Rogers and reveals a new wing that has been created to ensure the world knows the sacrifices Isaiah made as a super soldier. He's grateful, and Eli (Patriot in the comic books) looks pretty inspired. 

In the final scene, Sam and Bucky enjoy spending time in the former's home surrounded by friends and family. Sam puts his arm around Bucky as they enjoy the party, and the series gets a new title: Captain America and The Winter Soldier. In a mid-credits scene, Sharon is pardoned by the U.S. and given her old job back. Making a call outside, she talks about how valuable having access to that intel will be. Who is she talking to? We don't know, but can't help but wonder if this will tie into a certain upcoming invasion...

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