HAWKEYE: Jeremy Renner Shares A First Look At A Beaten Up Clint Barton In The Disney+ TV Series

Work appears to have started on the Hawkeye TV series coming to Disney+, and star Jeremy Renner has now shared what appears to be a first look at his beaten up, comic accurate Clint Barton. Check it out...

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While we still don't know who is playing Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye TV series coming to Disney+, but it's looking like work may have already begun based on a photo shared by star Jeremy Renner.

As you can see, the actor has posted a selfie of himself looking pretty beaten up with a cut above his eye and bruises on his forehead and nose. Needless to say, he looks almost identical to the way the character was often portrayed in Matt Fraction and David Aja's popular comic book run. 

A lot of that is serving as inspiration for what we'll eventually see on Disney's streaming service, as the Track Suit Mafia are expected to appear and, like the comic, the story will revolve around a team-up between Clint and Kate. In that series, the Avenger frequently had this beat up look, and it's one which he also had in Matthew Rosenberg and Otto Schmidt's Hawkeye: Freefall.

With work having begun on Hawkeye, it surely won't be too much longer until we get that long overdue casting news about Kate Bishop. Hailee Steinfeld reportedly remains Marvel Studios' top choice to play the character, but scheduling issues could still pose a problem for her joining the MCU.

Check out Renner's Instagram post below:

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comic book locations we want to visit in Phase 4!

10. Latveria

Doctor Doom will more than likely be introduced in the Fantastic Four reboot, but anyone who knows Victor Von Doom will be all too aware that he's capable of being a threat to the entire MCU. 

That's something we'll almost certainly see somewhere down the line, but unlike previous versions of the character, it's vital that this one rules over the nation of Latveria. Yes, we've not heard it referenced before now, but Wakanda wasn't mentioned until Avengers: Age of Ultron (which came out seven years after 2008's Iron Man arrived in theaters).

Doom is a great character, and one who should have the might of an entire country behind him. Plus, it will be a lot of fun seeing Marvel's First Family head there to try and combat Victor's plans.

9. Genosha

We paid a brief visit to Genosha in Dark Phoenix but, uh, that was just a field with some shacks. In the comics, this is the home of Magneto and other mutants who no longer want to be victimised by humans, there's a lot which could be done with Genosha in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For example, it could be a hidden island that mutants have been hiding out on, or somewhere which is already known to the world (who don't know what the people living there really are).

Ultimately, Genosha is destroyed by a massive Sentinel which kills millions, and that sort of genocide in the MCU could be what leads to the emergence of mutants and Magneto's war against humanity.

8. Avengers Compound

At the end of 2018's Black Panther, T'Challa decided to create a base in Los Angeles. Sounds like it good be a pretty good place for the West Coast Avengers to assemble down the line, don't you think?

In order to differentiate the next iteration of Earth's Mightiest Heroes from what's come before, moving them out of New York City makes sense, and having Black Panther serve as their leader would be awesome. While Captain Marvel is a hot favourite to fill that role among some fans, we're more on board with it being T'Challa given his history in the MCU thus far. 

This isn't to be confused with the New Avengers Compound on the East Coast, and enhanced with Wakandan technology, we're sure it would be much different to what Tony Stark created for the team.

7. Savage Land

The Savage Land opens the door to unlimited storytelling possibilities. Regardless of whether it's the X-Men who visit this mysterious land full of mutated monsters and dinosaurs or characters like The Hulk and Black Panther, there's a lot of potential here to give any number of future releases a very different feel by shining the spotlight on this unique area of the MCU.

Ka-Zar is a character whose big screen introduction would be fun to follow, while the next Spider-Man movie could even head here. Just imagine if Peter Parker is kidnapped by Kraven the Hunter, taken here, and then chased through the vast jungle by not only him, but dinosaurs and Stegron too? It would be amazing, and this is somewhere Marvel could return to over and over.

The Savage Land has untold potential across multiple franchises as we head into Marvel's Phase 4.

6. Negative Zone

The Negative Zone is home to a number of iconic villains who have been off limits to Marvel Studios up until now. However, it will be easy to link this mysterious dimension to the Quantum Realm, and Annihilus is a villain who could challenge not only the Fantastic Four, but even the likes of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers. 

Many of the Fantastic Four's adventures have taken place here, and exploring this dimension would have a much bigger impact than just the introduction of Annihilus and his Annihilation Wave.

Marvel Studios has already explored outer space with the Guardians, and it already feels like the groundwork has been laid to further explore it thanks to Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp

5. Asteroid M

Genosha would be a fun place to visit, and just like Madripoor is set to factor into The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, it doesn't necessarily need to start off as somewhere associated with mutants. 

So, here's another scenario for you; what if we haven't heard anything about mutants because they've been hiding above Earth on Magneto's Asteroid M base? That may seem a little far-fetched, but it is at least one possibility, and even if that doesn't wind up being the case, this would make for one seriously cool home for the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

If it ultimately falls from the sky, then it can just become Utopia for the X-Men, though we still have one more suggestion for where the MCU's mutants could reside when we first meet them here.

4. Atlantis

We've already visited the DC Extended Universe's version of Atlantis, but a version of that undersea realm should also exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was recently confirmed that the mention of an earthquake on the sea floor was a reference to Namor in Avengers: Endgame, so tentative plans are clearly in place to visit there sooner rather than later. 

It's likely we'll see an early version of it in Eternals, and while there are similarities between Namor and Aquaman, we're sure Marvel Studios will find a clever way to differentiate them. 

The rivalry between Namor and T'Challa is legendary, and we definitely wouldn't say no to Black Panther II revolving around a war between both nations (it was Okoye who investigated that earthquake, remember). 

3. Baxter Building

There's already been speculation that Avengers Tower will be converted into the Baxter Building when the Fantastic Four arrive in the MCU, and that seems like a smart move, especially as we're talking about a team who is loved by the public (arguably more so than The Avengers).

Getting to explore the Baxter Building promises to be a treat both inside and out, with Reed Richard's laboratory no doubt full of Easter Eggs, and the landing pad for the Fantasticar somewhere we're bound to see a lot of memorable exchanges between the heroes who live in this world.

It's unlikely Avengers Tower will become Oscorp, so the Baxter Building is the next logical choice.

2. Avengers Mansion

If the plan isn't for us to head to the West Coast, why not finally introduce Avengers Mansion? Stark Tower/Avengers Tower has been sold, and the New Avengers Compound was destroyed by Thanos. That leaves the team without a base of operations, but what if Tony left them his New York mansion? 

Sure, we've not heard of that before now, but that doesn't really matter, and it would be fun to see the team find a home like this (there could even be a new version of the robotic J.A.R.V.I.S.).

Ultimately, it may depend on what direction Marvel Studios plans to take the team in, but it's a shame we've not seen this before now, and Phase 4 feels like the right place to finally introduce it.

1. Krakoa

It's still early days for the concept of Krakoa in the Marvel Universe, but we've already seen enough of it to safely say it could work really well in the Cinematic one.

Think about it for a second; just the idea of mutants living peacefully on an island where Charles Xavier has secretly been bringing them for years would explain why we haven't seen them before now, and we're sure some sort of cataclysmic event could be what brings them out of hiding. 

The notion of them being fish out of water is also interesting, while the outside world believing that Professor X has amassed an army of powered beings on a hidden island would explain why they're feared and hated. This is a concept with a lot of potential on the big screen. 

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