WANDAVISION Spoiler Recap And Discussion For "Episode 8"

In an episode full of shocking revelations, the stage has been set for an unmissable finale, and you can find out how everything played out in the latest instalment of WandaVision right here. Check it out!

This week's WandaVision kicks off in Salem, Massachusetts in 1693 as Agatha Harkness is confronted by her fellow witches for seemingly tapping into powers she should not have. They attempt to kill Agatha, but fail, and she proceeds to absorb their abilities, leaving them as little more than husks (including her own mother). In the present, the villain talks to her rabbit, saying Wanda looks shocked to meet the "real us." Despite threats from the Avenger, Agatha is very much in control, and has set up protection spells to stop Wanda from using her powers. She goes on to explain that she was responsible for "Fake Pietro," describing bringing him back as being the result of a possession spell due to necromancy being a non-starter given what happened to the real Quicksilver's body (it sounds like he was laid to rest in Sokovia, and obviously full of bullet holes). Agatha doesn't explain whether this means his soul is inside that other body or if it was all just a ruse, but it wasn't her possessing that form. Señor Scratchy proceeds to eat a bird Agatha conjured, so there's something very sinister about her pet. It's also revealed that Agatha was drawn to Westview after sensing the multitude of spells Wanda cast, and that she got involved in those sitcoms to nudge her out of them and get Wanda to reveal her true self. 

She then takes the hero on a trip down memory lane, and we revisit the night that Stark Industries missile hit young Wanda and Pietro's home. The former loved sitcoms as a child, and her mother and father would watch them with their two children on a regular basis. Agatha seems convinced it was Wanda's powers which stopped that bomb from going off, and we then jump to her time at HYDRA. After being introduced to Loki's sceptre, Wanda has a vision of it floating in front of her before the Infinity Stone within is revealed (showing her what seems to be a glimpse of her future as the Scarlet Witch). The scientists don't see any of that, but Agatha concludes that it was the Infinity Stone which amplified powers in Wanda which would have otherwise faded away. 

Next, we're taken to the New Avengers Compound shortly after Pietro's death. Vision comforts Wanda and the two bond in an emotional, touching scene which is likely where they first started falling for each other. It's then we visit S.W.O.R.D. and see Wanda meet with Director Hayward. He did indeed manipulate that footage to make it look like she attacked the base, and shows her Vision being taken apart by his scientists. He won't let her leave with the fallen android's body, and when Wanda uses her powers, she can't feel him there. Following her to Westview, New Jersey, we learn that Vision bought them a plot of land so they could grow old together in the suburbs. A lot of familiar faces are shown as she drives through the town, and as Wanda breaks down, she loses control of her powers and creates the Hex around her. Inside their home, Wanda's red powers flow from her body, but turn yellow as they recreate Vision from nothing. Is she channelling the power of the Mind Stone that's within her to resurrect him? It's certainly one possibility, or potentially just a nod to the fact her powers can tap into reality to do anything she wants. With that, their happy sitcom life begins.

Back in the present, Wanda hears her children calling for her and runs into the street to find a fully costumed Agatha holding them by their throats. She knows what Wanda is and tells her that she has no idea how dangerous she is. "You're supposed to be a myth," she adds, "A being capable of spontaneous creation...this is Chaos Magic, Wanda. And that makes you the Scarlet Witch." It's there we end things. 

An amazing post-credits scene follows, and you can find out all about that by clicking here.

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