WANDAVISION Spoilers: 5 Biggest Surprises In The Season Finale...And 5 Ways It Sets Up The MCU's Future

There were a lot of big moments in the WandaVision season finale we need to talk about, and others which definitely set the stage for some huge future stories. Check out our breakdown after the jump...

With that, WandaVision has reached its end, but we will likely see the first Marvel Studios TV series factor into a lot of Phase 4 stories moving forward. Yes, Kevin Feige has said that you can enjoy the movies without watching these small screen stories, but the groundwork was laid here for everything from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to Captain Marvel 2 and Secret Invasion.

Of course, it wasn't all about world building, and there heaps of incredible moments in this season finale which we definitely need to take a closer look at (especially after so many big reveals).

Here, we take a deep dive into today's episode of WandaVision to explore what went down along with how this series sets the stage for what comes next. This finale answered almost all of our questions, but it also left us anxious to see how the stories of these characters will continue to play out.

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10. Ralph Bohner

Something tells us this will be one of the most controversial moments in WandaVision for many.

Monica Rambeau is being kept in Pietro's "man cave" in Agatha Harkness' house when the episode begins. While he still exhibits Quicksilver's powers, the S.W.O.R.D. agent soon figures out that this is actually his home, and "Pietro Maximoff" is, in fact, Ralph Bohner, an aspiring actor in Westview. 

She removes his necklace (which Agatha was using to control him), and that's the end of that. He's not Quicksilver from another world - despite the fact he's played by Dark Phoenix star Evan Peters - or the original Pietro in a new body. Unfortunate, the MCU will have to make do without the speedster.

9. Vision Regains His Memories

After a meaningful conversation between the two Visions, they come to the conclusion that neither of them is Vision...but both somehow are. To right this, the Hex Vision restores the white one's memories, and he then comes to the conclusion "I am Vision" before taking off and disappearing. 

It must have been pretty traumatic to remember your death, learn that you were rebuilt against your will, and that the woman you love has seemingly created a new Vision in a New Jersey town!

Paul Bettany will obviously return in some form, but what is this Vision, anyway? Does he no longer have emotions despite regaining his memory? That's one likely possibility, and he did ponder in Avengers: Infinity War what it meant to be powered by the Mind Stone. We're also willing to bet that it's at least possible Ultron may have taken over Vision's new form in some way.

8. "Agnes"

The Scarlet Witch uses her powers to trap Agatha Harkness inside her own mind, leaving nosy neighbour "Agnes" as her dominant personality. Based on what everyone else in Westview has said, that's not going to be an overly pleasant experience for the villainous witch. 

Before that, though, Agatha warns Wanda that she's made a huge mistake by becoming the Scarlet Witch and will ultimately need her help in mastering abilities which make her more powerful than Doctor Strange. Wanda seems open to the idea, so we have to see more of Agatha, right?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems likely, but we'll see if that comes to pass. 

7. The Scarlet Witch

This was huge. As Jimmy Woo pointed out in an earlier episode of WandaVision, Wanda Maximoff doesn't have a superhero persona and never has in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While she's sort of had a costume, she's never really been much more than a powered individual who works alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Now, though, Wanda has an identity, and a clear purpose moving forward. There's a lot we don't know about what it means to be "the Scarlet Witch," but Agatha claims she's destined to destroy the world, so the hero may head down a dark path.

Is she destined to be the MCU's next big bad? Well, Wanda headed down a dark path in the comics.

6. House Of M Throwback

Talking of the Scarlet Witch's descent into madness in the comic books, Avengers Disassembled was followed by House of M, a storyline which saw Wanda manipulated into creating a new reality where mutants rule over the Earth. We're not expecting to see that in the MCU, and rather that her going insane, it seems more likely that these abilities will influence the Scarlet Witch's mindset.

Regardless, there was an awesome nod to the House of M storyline when the Hex came down and both Vision and the twins started to disappear. They disintegrated the same way as those who angered Wanda in the event series, and from a visual perspective, it looks phenomenal in live-action. Could this be something that happens again? Well, we certainly wouldn't be surprise.

Another awesome nod to the source material came when poor Vision shed a single tear...

5. No Big Bad...

Despite all those theories about Mephisto, Nightmare, and even Magneto, it turns out that it really was Agatha all along. She just wanted to take the Scarlet Witch's power for herself, something it appears has become a recurring theme in her life over the centuries based on what happened in Salem. 

Agatha Harkness proved to be an effective villain, of course, and as we mentioned, the door is open to a return. Given her role as a mentor to Wanda in the comics, that makes a whole lot of sense.

With the Darkhold involved, Agatha may have ties to someone like Mephisto, but we're not banking on him showing up or being tied to the Scarlet Witch in any way. It's certainly possible, however. 

4. ...And No Doctor Strange

Yes, despite months of rumours, there was no sign of the Sorcerer Supreme in the WandaVision finale.

Quite a few so-called scoopers claimed Benedict Cumberbatch was spotted on set, but we find it really hard to believe that ever happened, and Marvel Studios chose to cut his role! While the prospect of him showing up to help defeat Agatha Harkness sounded cool to begin with, can you now imagine who lame it would have been for Strange to show up last-minute and save the day? 

A scene with him taking Wanda on as a student would have been equally as rubbish, so having the Scarlet Witch stand on her own two feet and somehow enter Strange's world makes way more sense. 

3. A Familiar Voice

In the second post-credits scene, we find Wanda living what appears to be a peaceful life in a remote location, but in reality, she's intensely studying the Darkhold as the Scarlet Witch. 

It can't be good to learn about her powers, and magic in general, from such a dark piece of writing, and "The Book of Sins" also has ties to Chthon, a possible villain in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We'll see on that front, but the fact Wanda suddenly hears Tommy and Billy's voices is very noteworthy.

Is a greater power manipulating her, or has Wanda tapped into the Multiverse? The twins were very real, and the line about them choosing her to their mother could be significant. Yes, they were created by Chaos Magic, but perhaps Billy's powers helped the duo survive their fate? 

2. Secret Invasion

The first post-credits scene doesn't work quite as well as the first, especially when Marvel Studios still hasn't really given us enough reasons to care about the Skrulls (beyond how goofy it was that they'd been posing as Nick Fury and Maria Hill in Spider-Man: Far From Home).

In the scene, we learn that Nick Fury wants to bring Monica into outer space, though we're guessing he's unaware of her apparent disdain for Carol Danvers or her newfound superpowers.

Clearly, the stage is being set for Captain Marvel 2, and possibly even the Secret Invasion TV series. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is definitely getting crazier, as it now seems Phase 4 will deal with both a Skrull invasion and magic in a big way. Will the two intersect at all, though, we wonder?

1. The Darkhold

We've mentioned the Darkhold a few times here, and that's because today's episode of WandaVision confirmed the book Agatha Harkness holds is indeed that. There was no mention of its role in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Runaways, and it looks totally different, so take that one as you will! 

In the comic books, Chthon, a demonic Elder God who was the Earth's first practitioner of black magic, was the principal author of the Darkhold, so it's feasible he could show up at some point (or that he's merged with another villain like Mephisto or Nightmare). This book even ties into the Marvel Universe's vampires, so we're willing to guess it's going to be relatively big deal.

We learned in Doctor Strange that one of The Ancient One's books was missing, so chances are this is it, and the Sorcerer Supreme isn't likely to be happy about Wanda making use of it...

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