WANDAVISION Star Elizabeth Olsen Shares Her Take On Today's Episode Referencing [SPOILER]; New Stills Released

There were some big reveals in today's episode of WandaVision, and Elizabeth Olsen has weighed in on that reference to a previous Marvel Studios movie! We also have stills from this, & an upcoming episode.

As we mentioned in our recap of "Episode 3" of WandaVision, today's instalment of the Marvel Studios series referenced Avengers: Age of Ultron in a big way. Talking about Pietro, Wanda and "Geraldine" ended up discussing the speedster's death at the hands of villainous android Ultron. 

Since his demise in the Marvel sequel, we haven't really heard anything about Quicksilver and the sacrifice he made to save Hawkeye. That made this moment a surprisingly big deal, and during a recent interview with TV Line, WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen shared her take on the importance of the scene. 

"The experience of having just gone through real birth - like a real birth experience, because they’re real, breathing creatures that she’s given birth to - I believe that’s what has sparked this memory that was squashed," Olsen says. "She starts to really connect back in with these memories that aren’t on the surface. And we will continue to watch her discover more of those kinds of moments."

Some new stills from today's episode have also been revealed, and one of them (featuring Teyonah Parris's "Geraldine") is even taken from that fun opening theme tune. That could mean the S.W.O.R.D. agent decides to head back into the reality which has been created around the town of Westview.

Check out the new stills from WandaVision below:

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5. What's Wrong With Herb?

We first met Herb during the second episode of WandaVision, and there was nothing particularly strange about him (well, aside from an aversion to mastication, perhaps). 

There's something very weird going on here, though, because while he's trimming the hedges, Herb starts cutting through the wall as well. Vision is perplexed, and when he points out that his neighbour has gone a little low, he acts like he's simply made a normal, everyday mistake.

This has to mean something, and we can't help but feel that Herb - forced into this twisted sitcom reality like everyone else in Westview - was trying to cut his way out of this reality.

4. Be Kind Rewind

When Vision comes back inside, he points out to Wanda that it feels like something strange is going on. She initially agrees (likely thinking he's referring to her pregnancy), but when he starts talking about some of the recent weirdness in the town - like dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Hart - his wife looks concerned.

With that, the scene skips back as if it's being rewound on a dodgy VHS player, and their conversation plays out very differently. Vision seems completely unaware of what's just happened.

The emergence of that beekeeper from the sewers last week saw Wanda react with a defiant "no" before time reversed itself, so we can't help but think the Scarlet Witch has some control over what's going on. Is she happy living in this sitcom setting alongside her fellow Avenger or under someone else's spell? 

3. HYDRA Soak

We get another commercial this week, and it's once again HYDRA-themed. We're pretty sure the villainous organisation never specialised in "luxury bath powder," but there are some intriguing hints here.

For starters, the tagline is "Find the Goddess Within." Prior to Avengers: Age of Ultron, Baron Von Strucker used the Mind Stone to unleash the powers within the Scarlet Witch; does this mean that whoever is pulling the strings views Wanda Maximoff as a "Goddess"? It's certainly pretty feasible. 

It still seems unlikely that HYDRA is playing a role in what's happening in Westview, but this is the second time they've been referenced, so it definitely feels like they're somehow important to this story.

2. Weird Whispers

When Vision walks outside with the doctor following the birth of Billy and Tommy, the android learns that the physician has decided to cancel his holiday because, well, no one escapes a small town.

That alone makes it sound like he's an unwilling participant in whatever's happening, but before Vision can give it much thought, he notices an agitated Agnes whispering something to Herb. Listen carefully, and you'll hear them mention Geraldine, and both try to play it cool when Vision approaches them. 

It looks like Herb is going to tell the Avenger what's going on (and possibly that they're all trapped), but Agnes stops him, and they both soon return to their cheery, sitcom selves. Does anyone else think that perhaps everyone here has been "cast" in roles they're being forced to stick to?

1. Remember Ultron?

Talking to Geraldine after giving birth, Wanda reveals that, like Billy and Tommy, she's a twin. Unfortunately, her brother died, and it's then her friend appears to snap back to reality. Geraldine points out that he was killed by Ultron, and it really doesn't look like the Scarlet Witch wants to hear this.

She questions Geraldine about who she really is, but her friend can't remember, and the presence of a necklace bearing the S.W.O.R.D. logo seems to bother Wanda more than you might expect. 

The tension mounts, but by the time Vision comes back inside, Geraldine has gone, and a seemingly quite sinister Wanda claims that she's simply returned home (outside, Agnes mentioned that Geraldine doesn't have one). We then see "Geraldine" blasted out of an energy field surrounding Westview, only to be surrounded by S.W.O.R.D. agents... 

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