SPOILERS: WONDER WOMAN - 10 Awesome Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Wonder Woman is now in theaters so we take an in-depth look at its biggest references, cameos, and nods to the wider DC Films Universe by examining the Easter Eggs you almost certainly missed...

Wonder Woman has scored overhwelmingly positive reviews and looks set to be a huge box office hit, so a sequel being offically announced any day now feels like an inevitability. While we wait for that to happen, though, there's obviously still plenty the first solo adventure for the Amazon warrior leaves us to discuss.
For starters, there are the movie's many Easter Eggs. From obscure references to the source material to nods to the larger DC Films Universe and unexpected cameos, you'll find them all listed below.
It goes without saying that potentially MAJOR SPOILERS for Wonder Woman follow from here, but you've all seen it by now, right? Even if you haven't, this is a must-see guide for all the Easter Eggs you need to keep your eyes peeled for and will help you know where to look when you inevitably see it again and again...

10. Wonder Woman/Superman Parallels

When a group of German soldiers attack Steve Trevor and Diana Prince on the streets of London, one of them attempts to finish the former off with a bullet aimed straight at the spy's heart. Wonder Woman, however, manages to deflect that with one of her bracelets and it then drops directly into his hand.

Fans of Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve's Superman will recognise the nod here as it's pretty much lifted directly from that film in the scene where Clark Kent catches a bullet shot at Lois Lane by a mugger. Both the Man of Steel and Amazon Warrior look similarly timid when they leap into action and the way this scene is shot in Wonder Woman is actually nearly identical to Superman.

9. The Nazi Wonder Woman

In Wonder Woman, we learn that Diana Prince gets her blue dress from a snooty German woman on her way to the gala being held before General Ludendorff wipes out an entire village with the gas created by Doctor Poison. While we don't get to see exactly how that exchange goes down, chances are it wasn't quite as violent as the last time Wonder Woman met Fausta Grables.

That's who Rachel Pickup is playing in the movie and fans of the TV series starring Lynda Carter will remember that Grables was a Nazi agent in that show known as "The Nazi Wonder Woman." She was played by Lynda Day George in that series, though Pickup's is obviously just a normal woman without any sort of superpowers, probably because this movie takes place in WWI rather than WWII!

8. Diana Discovers Ice Cream (Again)

Wonder Woman obviously features a fair few nods to the comic books, but this is easily one of the coolest. Near the start of The New 52, Diana Prince - still very much a fish out of water since leaving Themyscira - comes across a young girl who offers to share her ice cream with the hero. That's a moment which was then recreated in the Justice League: War animated feature and finds its way into this movie in a very similar way.

This time, there's no youngster to offer Diana a taste, but as she and Steve make their way to the front she's offered a scoop of vanilla by a vendor and goes on to describe ice cream as "wonderful." That's the exact same way the Amazon Warrior described it in both the comic book and animation too!

7. Paradise Island

Wonder Woman's home is referred to as Themyscira in the movie, but much to the amusement of Diana Prince, Steve Trevor actually calls it "Paradise Island" at one point. That's not the only fun Easter Egg included there, though, as the German boats which arrive there are stencilled with the name SCHWABEN.

Chances are that references the very real historical dreadnought battleship SMS Schwaben, though the fact it replaced the outdated and obsolete SMS Mars (which is Roman for Ares) could explain why it was chosen for the movie. Also on Themyscira is an unexpected cameo from female boxer Ann Wolfe as Artemis. In the comics, that character actually became the new Wonder Woman, something it's unlikely we'll see on the big screen.

6. Diana Prince's New Job

While Wonder Woman reveals how Diana Prince got her name and found her way to man's world from Themyscira, it doesn't really answer why she retreated from mankind for so many decades and through conflicts like World War II and The Gulf War. In fact, where she's been for all those years is never addressed, something which is now left up to future instalments to answer.

However, in the present day, Diana appears to have landed a pretty coveted job at the Louvre as a curator. In the '90s, Wonder Woman had a similar job when she wound up at the somewhat less prestigious Gateway City Museum of Antiquities, somewhere she actually ended up crossing paths with future Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark!

5. The God Of Truth

Having learned that she's the daughter of Zeus and incensed by the death of Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman finally unleashed the full extent of her powers while battling Ares. Diana Prince actually wins the battle by using her father's lightning and that's something we first saw in the comic books way back in 2010's Wonder Woman #39 by Gail Simone. There, her metal cuffs were a gift from Zeus and forged from his own aegis, though it doesn't seem that's the case in this movie.

Regardless, it is a cool nod to the source material and far from the only one. In Wonder Woman #37 (also written by Simone), Ares tells Diana that "war is truth" and makes a near identical comparison in the movie when he declares that he's not the God of War; he's the God of Truth!


4. Zack Snyder's Cameo

We've known for a while now that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League director Zack Snyder makes an appearance in Wonder Woman, but where exactly should you keep your eyes peeled for the filmmaker? The black and white photo above (shared in the past few days by Snyder) confirms that he suited up in the movie as a U.S. soldier but there are an awful lot of them in there!

Well, when Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, and the rest of their team line-up for a photo, a blurry Snyder can be spotted to their left, a fun cameo which marks yet another role for him in the DC Films Universe. The last one was as Bruce Wayne's hands in Batman v Superman, but this definitely seems quite a bit cooler!

3. General Ludendorff And Doctor Poison

For the majority of Wonder Woman, we're fooled into believing that Danny Huston's villainous General Ludendorff is secretly Ares. However, history buffs probably will have realised a while ago that probably wouldn't be the case due to the fact that Erich Ludendorff is an actual historical figure. The real World War I German general actually pushed for the Armistice and died of liver cancer in 1937 rather than taking a sword through the chest from an Amazon!

Doctor Poison, meanwhile, is based on a couple of different comic book characters. The 1942 original was a masked Nazi called Princess Maru, while a new version of Maru with a penchant for poison was also recently introduced. Her green overalls and goggles appear to be a nod to the former, though. 

2. Godkiller And New 52 Origin

Given the importance placed on Wonder Woman's "Godkiller" sword in Wonder Woman, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's a weapon she's wielded for years in the comic books. However, it only recently appeared in the source material when Deathstroke (the planned lead villain in The Batman) got his hands on it. There, it's forged by Hephaestus, the ancient Greek blacksmith god, but the movie reveals that it was given to the Amazons by Zeus to stop Ares should he return.

However, the twist here is that Diana is the Godkiller because she's the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus, something which is also lifted from the comic books. While her original origin of being made from clay factors into Wonder Woman near the beginning, the movie has lifted her new history straight from The New 52 era of Diana's adventures.

1. Bruce Wayne

A long time ago, it was rumoured that Batman would make some sort of appearance in Wonder Woman to set up the events of Justice League. Unfortunately, Bruce Wayne is nowhere to be seen in this movie, though the hero does make his presence felt in a very different sort of way.

With Lex Luthor in prison, the Caped Crusader has seemingly managed to get his hands on the photo the villain was using as part of his metahuman research as he sends it to Diana and asks to one day hear her story. While the letter isn't signed by Bruce, it's delivered in a Wayne Enterprises briefcase which is taken from a Wayne Enterprises van. Had this not made the cut, you'd be forgiven for now knowing Wonder Woman took place in the DC Films Universe!

Which of these was your favourite Wonder Woman Easter Egg? Have we missed any others worth mentioning? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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