WONDER WOMAN 1984: Breaking Down All The Biggest Moments And Reveals In The New Trailer

Following the release of the action-packed first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, we're taking a much closer look at all the biggest reveals it includes about the sequel. We also have some must-see GIFs...

Yesterday evening, Warner Bros. released the first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984. It's been a long time coming (remember that the movie was supposed to arrive in theaters this year before being pushed back to 2020), and the footage has certainly left comic book fans with a lot to talk about. 

There may be no sign of Cheetah in the trailer, but there are plenty of other big reveals, including some intel on Maxwell Lord's plans, Steve Trevor's return, and a battle at an iconic location. 

The trailer also contains some noteworthy nods to the comics, all of which we touch on here. 

To check out this breakdown of the first teaser along with some jaw-dropping GIFs showing Wonder Woman heading into action, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button below. 

Diana Prince's Friendship With Barbara Minerva

It appears as if we can expect things between Dr. Barbara Minerva and Diana Prince to get personal. 

The opening few minutes of the trailer make it clear that they strike up a friendship of sorts, and based on Barbara's remarks about falling in love multiple times, there's probably a strong chance that she's at least a little unhinged and someone who could easily be pushed over the edge. 

It's hard not to wonder whether there could end up being some jealousy here too, especially as Diana can be heard assuring her that being Wonder Woman might not be as perfect as she thinks.

Wonder Woman Didn't Exactly Disappear...

In fairness, the trailer makes a point of showing Wonder Woman using her headpiece to destroy some security cameras, but what about the tapes and the fact that she can be seen running through Washington D.C. in front of hundreds of people? Throw in the shot of her beating up cops, and it's hard to imagine why she would be so concerned about Lex Luthor and his photo!

It definitely appears as if Wonder Woman 1984 contradicts some of what we've heard about Diana's disappearance from the public eye, and it feels like a lot of what we learned in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League about the hero's past no longer really counts. 

A New, Brighter Costume

It's hard to ignore the fact that Wonder Woman's costume has been brightened up considerably, and while it may suit the 80s aesthetic, it definitely doesn't line up with her present day appearances. That's really not the end of the world, of course, but this makeover gives the suit a somewhat artificial and plastic feel (it doesn't really look like ceremonial armour now, that's for sure). 

Still, with director Patty Jenkins clearly inspired by the Wonder Woman TV series, that might explain why Diana Prince's appearance has been so drastically changed for this big screen sequel. 

Maxwell Lord's Villainous Plan

Pedro Pascal appears to be having a blast as Maxwell Lord, and it's honestly hard to believe that this is the same guy who brings the Mandalorian to Disney+ on a weekly basis! 

Based on what Lord says throughout the course of this sneak peek, it sounds like he's found a way to give people whatever they want...for a price. How he's come by such an incredible amount of power is hard to say, but this might just explain how Steve Trevor is now back among the living. 

As for that circle of light he steps into, there's a good chance that's "Brother Eye" from the comics, a massive satellite he used to develop the OMACs. 

Steve Trevor Returns

As we mentioned, Steve Trevor is back and is clearly finding the 80s hard to come to terms with. 

The method of his resurrection isn't addressed outright, but he places a watch in Diana Prince's hand the same way he did before making the ultimate sacrifice in Wonder Woman (no doubt to prove that it's really him). That watch pops up a lot in the trailer and could end up being a pivotal part of the sequel. 

Either way, it seems we can expect these two lovebirds to pick things up where they left off. 

Barbara's Makeover

When we first meet Barbara Minerva, she's wearing glasses and looking rather nerdy and shy. However, at this point in the trailer, she's had something of a makeover and looks way more confident. 

Could it be that Maxwell Lord has granted her a "wish" to be more like Wonder Woman? 

The way this footage has been edited together certainly gives that impression, but with not even a single hint of her transformation into Cheetah, there's clearly still a lot we don't know right now. 

The Invisible Jet

Could it be that Wonder Woman 1984 will finally introduce Diana Prince's Invisible Jet? It's hard to say for sure, but she and Steve Trevor are shown taking flight here while surrounded by fireworks. However, as we don't actually see the jet flying through them, it could be that it's invisible! 

Explaining this won't be easy, but based on the cheesy, 80s aesthetic, it might not feel too out of place! 

Battle At The White House

Was Wonder Woman worried about being outed to the world because she's a wanted criminal? Well, during this action-packed sequence, Diana Prince can be seen making her way through a building that definitely looks a lot like the White House. Taking down guards alongside Steve, the hero definitely put herself on the map here and surely ran afoul of the U.S. government in the process!

We mentioned OMACs a little earlier in this post. In the comics, they were One Man Army Corps, innocent men and women who were brainwashed and given the ability to take on some of the DC Universe's greatest heroes. Perhaps these White House guards have been taken over by Maxwell Lord? 

Return To Themyscira

We explored Wonder Woman's origin in the first movie, but a return to her childhood on Themyscira is clearly going to be a big part of this sequel. However, while we do get to see Diana as a child, the costumes these Amazon are decked out in are definitely different to what we've seen before. 

That could be because they're the tribe of Amazons who left their home and moved to the remote Egyptian nation of Bana-Mighdall instead. There have been rumblings for a while now that they'll be introduced in Wonder Woman 1984, but what that means for the movie is hard to say right now. 

Riding The Lightning

One of the most striking visuals in this trailer is Wonder Woman using her lasso to ride the lightning. It's no great surprise that she has the power to do so, especially given her family heritage. 

What is a little surprising is that we haven't seen this power before now (it certainly would have come in handy during that battle with Doomsday in Batman v Superman), but continuity no longer seems to matter. 

Either way, this is certainly a unique means of transportation for the iconic superhero. 

The Golden Eagle Amour

The trailer ends with the true money shot as Wonder Woman is shown decked out in her Golden Eagle armour from the comic books. That was first introduced in Kingdom Come and it's since been incorporated into the regular DC Universe as something Diana Prince dons whenever she goes to war. 

Considering what she's been through in the present day, there may be another reason it's used here, or it will just be destroyed when she battles...Cheetah? We'll have to wait and see on that front. 











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