Lucas Till Talks More About Playing Havok In X-Men: First Class!

Check out what the actor had to say about which side he thinks Havok should end up on, what he brought to the role of the iconic X-Men character and how he got along with the rest of Xavier's students...

The guys over at Bleeding Cool have posted a fairly lengthy interview with the actor who play Alex Summers, aka Havok in X-Men: First Class and below we have a few of the main excerpts. To read it in its entirety, simply click on the link at the bottom of the page to be taken over to the site.

Speaking of "funny sense of humor..." If you had to choose – we all know which side Havok is on in the comics – but if you had to choose, which side would you prefer: Charles or Erik?

Ah. Havok is a real good guy. About being on, completely on one side, uhm… I, as a selfish, you know, fanboy, I’d just wanna be on Magneto’s side, ‘cause he gets to do all the fun. As a human being, of course, I’d go with Xavier, because you have a conscience, and Magneto does all that killing. It’s a tough decision, but I’d definitely go with Xavier.

How much of Havok is in you? He’s something of a conflicted but stand-up guy. How much of that is in you? Or the other way around, how much did you influence Havok?

Oh, well, I was probably a little bit homesick and frustrated (heh) for a while there, so you’ll see how I come across as Havok. He’s a character who is frustrated because he has no control over the power that he has. That’s where I find the connection. He’s also someone who wants to help and do something. You know, fight for something, to do good. So it’s like, he feels guilty that he’s doing the things he’s doing, but he also feels guilty that kind of likes the style. That’s what I’m trying to reach for.

How was the interplay between, let’s call you as a group, Xavier’s students? How did you get along with each other?

That went really well. We were all very, very different. And we were, all of us, very fun to work with. I mean, we were the youngest, we were hanging out because we were all we had, especially the Americans. It was all we could do, so we said, let’s spend as much time as we can around each other. We all gelled very well.

X-Men: First Class is set to be released on June 3, later this year!

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