Professor X's Walking in DOFP & X-MEN: THE LAST STAND Explained?

As DOFP is set to reunite fans of the original X-Men films with their favorite First Class characters, many have started questioning why Professor X is seen standing in some of the production stills & I think I may have discovered the answer.

This picture above is one of the main reasons fans began to become a bit skeptical of just why on earth Professor X was not only seen standing next to Wolverine and Magneto but why he was "standing" there period.

Well, I think I've discovered a pretty easy answer as of why this may seem so and that very answer is nothing other than his mechanical leg braces.

Many huge fans of the X-Men comics may already be familiar with the 1968 X-Men issue #42 titled "The Death of Professor X" which features Professor X's very first death in which his mechanical leg races make their first appearance. Let's take a quick look...

I really don't want to go into the entire story involving why professor X was masked and etc because it honestly strays away from our focus of next years Days of Future Past film but if you all would like to read more into it the title of the comic is listed in the article.

Getting back to our encounters with Professor X's mechanical legs we also have to remember that these helpful aids of the Professor also made a debut within the past acclaimed animated X-Men series titled "Wolverine and the X-Men".

With similar themes tied to the Days of Future Past story arc of an alternate future full of sentinels killing and enslaving members of the mutant race it's an easy possibility that the Professor will be getting more physical within the past timeline set in the 1970's some rumors have suggested that the sentinels will appear in both the past and future timelines and if this is so we could possibly see the professor don his mechanical legs for this very reason.

Lastly I'd like to add that if the mechanical legs are set to appear within the film it is also highly possible that this minor issue with fans could also pave the way towards understanding just why Professor X and Magneto were seen walking together to recruit Jean Grey into Professor X's school for gifted mutants in the beginning of X-Men: The Last Stand.

Even though that timeline will be erased by the time Days of Future Past comes to an end it's one less error we have to worry about within the X-Men franchise.

You can expect to see Days of Future Past male it's way into theaters everywhere May 23, 2014.

-Thanks for reading!
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