A Mighty Mouse movie was promised two different times ~ so, where is it?

A Mighty Mouse movie was promised two different times ~ so, where is it?

Searching eyes still can’t spot a promised movie production in CGI of the famous superman like mouse!

Way back in 2005, we should have seen a new Mighty Mouse movie; a movie to be put out by Nickelodeon, and of which John Woo was supposed to be a part of! Images of scenes were even shown to the public so we could get a “feel” for what was to be expected . . . then, nothing!

Enter April of 2010: the LA Times [according to getthebigpicture.net] reported that Nickelodeon is still trying to get a Mighty Mouse movie off the ground after years of trying. It's been through several scripts already and although there's nobody currently on the project for Paramount and Nickelodeon, apparently "a number of up-and-comers" are being considered both for screenwriting and directing responsibilities.

So, again, where is it? And if in production, how come it’s been so silent?

The rodent has been a most neglected character over a period of many years, despite some diehard fans out there in cyber-land putting up some dedicatory websites to the mousey superhero, and therefore is in danger of new audiences not even knowing anything about him ~ especially considering the neglect of his cartoons not being put on DVD for viewers to enjoy. But, according to the “Latino Review” in 2010 also, “The cartoon is instantly familiar to anyone over the age of 30 [and Nickelodeon will] either make a movie targeting them or – more importantly – make a movie they'd be willing to pay to bring their family of four to.”

Well, I hope that is correct; but, more importantly, I hope the project won’t be put on hold for another five years, or never even coming back up at all! Hey, some folks still want to hear a baritone, operatic voice sing out: “Here I come to save the day!”

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