Are DISNEY Finally Working On An Animated MARVEL Movie?

Are DISNEY Finally Working On An Animated MARVEL Movie?

According to some hints posted on a Disney blog, they may very well be. One "marvelous" upcoming project is said to be certain to generate buzz in "geek communities". Read on for more..

Ever since Disney and Marvel buddied up, fans have wondered when/if we would see some kind of crossover featuring Marvel comic characters coming to life in glorious Disney animated form. We have heard a few rumors of plans here and there, but never anything solid. Now, over at the Blue Sky Disney Blog - apparently a reputable site which has reported on many Disney projects before they have been officially announced - they are dropping hints about a mysterious project from Winnie The Pooh co-director Don Hall. Have a read of what they say and see what you make of it..

"That project, once announced will generate a lot of buzz in certain geek communities, as it’s going to surprise a lot of people for what it is and what it’s not. But it’s in the very early embryonic stage and it depends on how well the project is received upon the presentation that is being prepared for John [Lasster] and Ed [Catmull].

The projects competing for 2014/2015 are the uber-secret film from Don Hall, which will be a marvelously unexpected project if it ever gets the green light, and Nathan Greno and Byron Howard’s films which are deep in development."

Of course this isn't anything rock solid, but I think it certainly suggests that this project will be somehow Marvel related. If so, which characters do you guys think would be best suited to an animated Disney movie? And would Disney need to get a little edgier in order to make something like this work?

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