NEW Astro Boy Publicity Stills

NEW Astro Boy Publicity Stills

NEW <em>Astro Boy</em> Publicity Stills

Get acquainted with one of Japan's oldest superheroes, Astro Boy!!!

Astro Boy (鉄腕アトム Tetsuwan Atomu?, lit. "Mighty Atom") is a Japanese manga series first published in 1952 and television program first broadcast in Japan in 1963. The story follows the adventures of a fictional robot named Astro Boy and a selection of other characters along the way.

Astro Boy is the first Japanese television series that embodied the aesthetic that later became familiar worldwide as anime. It originated as a manga in 1952 by Osamu Tezuka, revered in Japan as the "God of Manga." After enjoying success abroad, Astro Boy was remade in the 1980s as Shin Tetsuwan Atomu, known as Astroboy in the United States and other Western countries, and again in 2003. In November 2007, he was named Japan's envoy for overseas safety.

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The computer-animated 3-D film based on the original manga series by Tezuka will be released on October 23, 2009. Lots of publicity stills below for all to enjoy:

LEEE777 - Well when i first heard about this, i thought it would be better live action, but the more i see of this i'm liking more and more. This could hold up to some of the greats at Pixar, really looking forward to this more now and coming from me that's not really into these Animated movies is a big thing.

Hopefully we'll get a Big Guy and Rusty live action next from Dark Horse next, well you never know?
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