AVENGERS EMH: Spoilers and Secrets

AVENGERS EMH: Spoilers and Secrets

For those of you who have The Avengers: EMH fever and can't stand to wait and see what happens next, click here! *SPOILER ALERT*

*SPOILER ALERT* Read on at your own will.....

Picking up from "the Ballad of Beta Ray Bill":

-During a meeting with SHIELD Agent Maria Hill, Doc Sampson, and General Ross, The Winter Soldier disguises as a SHIELD Agent and infiltrates a secret room with a secret serum that he takes and gives to The Red Skull (who is revealed at the end of the episode but not having his usual appearance). The main target is to kidnap the hulk (who is Bruce Banner throughout most the episode). The team that tries to kidnap hulk is Falcon and Winter Soldier (and someone else but I forgot). The Red Hulk then fights agaisnt Wasp, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Hulk. They then win the battle as Red Hulk flees the fight. Captain America then tells Hulk to surrender against the military so then he does and is then captured. It is then revealed that Captain America (Who was of course a skrull throughout the episode) has weakened the avengers and that they are now vulnerable and the skrulls can now defeat them. On the next episode, Captain America (the real one) is making a break out freeing every prisoner (that includes madame Hydra, an AIM Soldier, Mockingbird, and Cobra. They try to test the prisoners to see if they'll escape or not but they do end up escaping, then they fight the Super Skrull, which then Captain America saves Madame Hydra and escape the ship. In the same episode, there is a flashback that shows Galactus devouring the Skrull home planet.

P.S., the teaser image shows The Winter Soldier taking the hulk serum.
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