Bruce W. Timm On A Possible KILLING JOKE Animated Film

Bruce W. Timm On A Possible KILLING JOKE Animated Film

Batman The Animated Series Creator Bruce W. Timm discusses the possibility of seeing an animated adaptation of one of - if not the - greatest Batman stories of all time, Alan Moore's The Killing Joke. He also shares his thoughts of The Aurora tragedy.

Dark Knight News got a chance to talk to the legendary Batman: The Animated Series creator Bruce W. Timm at the LA premiere of "The Dark Knight Returns Part 2". He dropped a couple hints about future DC animated projects, like the Killing Joke and spoke a little about the Aurora tragedy.

Video 1: Bruce talks about doing possibly doing a Killing Joke animated Film and a brief comment on future DC animated films.

Video 2: Bruce talks about "The Dark Knight Returns Part 2" scenes cut and if he was worried about the violence in the film and the Aurora Tragedy controversy surrounding Batman in the media.

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