Cartoon Network Delays New Young Justice Episodes

Cartoon Network Delays New <i>Young Justice</i> Episodes

CN has decided to delay the airing of new episodes of the popular toon, which was slated to return June 3rd.

The Cartoon Network, for an unknown reason, has decided to delay the airing of new episodes of its popular new series Young Justice, which was scheduled to return this Friday, June 3rd. No date has been set for the series to return.

The new episode titled "Targets" was supposed to air on Friday, June 3rd, but Cartoon Network has decided to change its schedule, and will now move "Young Justice" to a Friday 6.00pm time slot, and repeat the episode titled "Denial" instead of the much-anticipated "Targets".

Young Justice follows a group of former side-kicks and younger heroes as they take on the injustice in the DC Universe. Robin, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Kid Flash among others have been featured on the series. While it has not been received quite as well as Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the series has gained quite a following.

As soon as we hear when the new episodes will be airing, we'll be sure to pass the word along. Until then, enjoy the reruns of this great series.

Thanks to Arrion Shadow for the heads up!
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