Choices for a Hypothetical Hulk Vs., Volume 2

Choices for a Hypothetical Hulk Vs., Volume 2

If there was a "Hulk Vs, Vol. 2," which 2 characters should the big guy fight?

First off, a clarification: This editorial is merely a thought exercise. As far as I know, Marvel has NOT announced another Hulk Vs. movie.

That said, an adult child and his 9-year-old son can dream, right? We enjoyed the first Hulk Vs. movie so much that we often mention other characters who would make good candidates for another volume. I'd like to share my thoughts as well as get your picks. In case anyone doesn't know, "Hulk Vs." includes 2 features, "Hulk Vs. Wolverine" and "Hulk Vs. Thor." I can't even imagine anyone on here doesn't know that, but hey, you never know.

1st Character:
I think you've got to go with an obvious pick, some familiar character that we're all sort of expecting. "Hulk Vs." really has 2 of these, Wolvie & Thor.

Candidates: Namor, the Thing, Juggernaut, Rhino, Iron Man as Hulkbuster, or perhaps a group: Fantastic Four, some of the X-Men, etc. We all know this list could go on and on, so I'll stop.

My pick: Namor - if he's in or near his element, he's one mighty king!

2nd Character:
Here's where I'd like to see a more obscure character for the second feature. What lesser-known would make for a cool 45-minute feature? Or if they beefed up the time a bit from "Hulk Vs.", perhaps even 65 minutes or so?

Candidates: Alpha Flight, Bi-Beast, Wendigo, Man-Thing, Hercules, Mole Man & his minions, Adam Warlock, the Inhumans, the Super-Skrull, the Wrecking Crew, and so on.

My Pick: Man-Thing - can't you picture Hulk punching a hole in his stomach, then getting frustrated when it simply grows back good as new?

For the record, my son's picks are Namor and Wendigo. Can't argue that! I'm sure some readers will think, "cool!", while others ask, "Man-Thing?" That's why I'd like to hear your picks. If you could say, "Hey Marvel, make volume 2 and include these 2 characters," whom would you nominate? I know SEVERAL characters are under the cruel thumb of Sony, Fox, and so on, and couldn't really happen, but what if they could? I look forward to your thoughts.
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