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Hey friends. This is somewhat of a follow up to my event comics editorial, which if any didn't read, was my take on who has better events and I more or less said that DC had better ones, due to them being planned out better, terms of scope and use of characters.

This editorial is on how Marvel and DC are using the world of straight to DVD releases to their advantage. I have kept my eye on both since they have been starting to be made, I gotta say that, you guessed it, DC is the clear winner. Let me explain before you bring your torches and pitchforks.

Marvel has only released a few: Ultimate Avengers 1&2, Invincible Iron man, Doctor Strange, Young Avengers, Hulk VS, Planet Hulk, and the up coming Thor: Asgard Tales. DC has Batman: Gotham Knight, Superman: Doomsday, Justice League: New Frontier, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Superman/Batman:Public Enemies, Justice League:Crisis on 2 Earths, the upcoming Batman:Under the Hood, and a Public Enemies 2.

Its clear both have the same amount of titles, but DC has and always used their characters to their fullest potential. Marvel fools around their characters by only focusing on one at a time and developing a story(why make an animated Ironman Film when the Favreau one was in the works). One reason could be that since marvel characters are tied up in so many companies its hard to get some characters together for good films. Whereas DC is owned by WB and they can release films quicker without worry. As in term of stories and whats being told, DC wins again because they have either done origins with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, abridged series like New Frontier and Public Enemies. Marvel animation has done only one thats from the comics and that was Planet Hulk(altered tho).

In terms of animation the only one I down right hate of DC is Green Lanterns(they altered Abin Sur so bad), the other ones from DC are amazing. New Frontier and Batman: Gotham Knight are by far the best(2 earths looks good). Marvel is really hit and miss, I only like the Hulk VS movies looks on how they made both different looks yet the same feel.

I won't be talking a lot about voice acting because all are essential hits and misses but DC has a slight advantage because they get B list stars, in Wonder Woman's case they got good voice acting, so did New Frontier. Marvel mostly gets people who are typically in cartoons or video games.

Overall, I want both studios to come out with gloves swinging. I want to start seeing story lines that we all want to see. I would marvel animation to make stuff like Old Logan, Secret Wars, etc. Marvel is a company full of amazing stories but if they only focus on weak adaptations and single character movies, DC will be ahead of the pack. As for DC, don't be making too many Batman of Superman animated movies. Make these movies blockbusters on small budgets. Til next time, BlackAirs out
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