Editorial: Characters Or Teams I’d Like To See Get Animated Series

Editorial: Characters Or Teams I’d Like To See Get Animated Series

Just some characters or teams I would like to see get animated series.

So with all the talk about upcoming movies for certain characters and teams, I figure I would make my first article and switch it up a bit and talk about animated shows I'd like to see happen.

For me personally as much as I love the movies, I feel TV shows especially animated shows give you the audience a much broader look into the characters and plus you have more time to get to know them. With a movie you only have about 2 hours or so tell the story and even when well executed, there are still bits and pieces missing that a series can really expound up on.

So these are just some characters I had in mind that I think could really work in the animated form.


So with the failed pilot of the proposed live action Wonder-Woman that was planned out of the question, I figure why not take a stab at a Wonder-Woman TAS? Bruce Timm and company gave us Batman TAS, Superman TAS and now Green Lantern TAS I think it's time they start giving some attention to their flagship female character.

I would keep it tradtional 2d animation none of the this CGI stuff and have go on for a number seasons, you can introduce new villains and have her wear multiple costumes throughout the show. I think this would help with getting both female superheores out to the forefront but also female character centered shows in general.

2. Nightwing TAS

Now there was proposed Nightwing animated show that never saw the light of day. Below are some Nightwing animated series designs by Legend of Korra artist Ki Hyun Ryu. I would have watched the hell out of this cartoon if it actually had been made. Nightwing is a very popular fan favorite, some love Dick Grayson's characer more than they love Bruc Wayne me being one of them. If there is one Bat family member who can hold his or her own series is Nightwing.

3. The Outsiders

Nightwings Outsiders I think would be a great follow up to the current Young Justice that is on now. Or they could start with the original team and extend it either way I would be happy.

4. JSA

So we've had The Justice League animated series, I'd say follow it up with JSA animated show.

5. Shadowpact or Justice League Dark

I've always wanted to see a Supernatural based team show. Either Shadowpact or the current Justice League Dark would be fine with me.

6. Birds Of Prey

Yes we had that godawful live action show about this team, but I think again doing it in animation would be a heck of a lot better.

7. Doom Patrol

Now I realize this would be hard to sell seeing as it's a very obsure team. But If done right it could bring a new variety to animated superhero shows.

8. Green Arrow TAS

Green Arrow is a character who's fame has risen in the past few years or so. He's appeared in a lot of media concerning DC characters including Jusitce League TAS, Smallville and now he's even getting his very own TV show on the CW simply called Arrow. Arrow looks promising in some areas, but again I think an animated show about Oliver Queen would be much more beneficial.
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