EDITORIAL: In Defense of Marvel's Next Animated Film "Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United"

EDITORIAL: In Defense of Marvel's Next Animated Film "Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United"

"Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United", Marvel's next animated film has been getting harsh comments from fans just from the trailers. Here is my thoughts and opinions why I believe all of this is entirely wrong.

Hello Everyone once again, in the topic for now I am here to discuss a certain Marvel animated film many fans dislike now from first glance. Marvel hasn't had a long record of animated films compared to DC but whenever Marvel releases one you know it will be done right with quality. My favourite Marvel animated film so far being is Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. The story in the film was not only dark but it managed to mix in a level of fun and excitement to make it enjoyable for all audiences. It taught an important message of becoming who your destined to be, hence in the form of the children of The Avengers. It also played a strong role in humanity and fighting for a cause along with the best group of friends anyone could ever have. Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow definitely exceeded in those expectations. Keep in mind that was in 2008.

Marvel did more animated features after but to hold ones own they didn't truly succeed Next Avengers. Now in 2013 we have Iron Man & Hulk together for an animated Marvel feature. I'll let you guys know first hand I didn't have any great expectations for this whatsoever. Maybe Marvel just did it to cash in on the success of the 2012 Joss Whedon directed superhero ensemble The Avengers. So soon after a viewing of the first trailer for Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United one thing I automatically knew was that this was going to be finally another great Marvel animation. In fact it may be one of the best animated comic book based film ever made. The trailer showed a level of amazing action with witty humor and it looks like a load of fun. Then I read comments regarding the animation which is why I have to come in need to make a defense on this stance.

The CGI animation as shown from the "Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United" trailer feels very nostalgic. In terms like a 90s CGI animation but done really great with time and effort really put in. It's meant to be fun not to be taken seriously. I understand sometimes different styles of animation can really throw people off but it seems here they did succeed in the goals of what the story is presenting. The story isn't rocket science it's just Iron Man & The Hulk teaming up to stop a villain. Although the story is simplistic it still shows a level of heart was put directly into it. The voice acting sounds amazing looking from the trailer. I really wish Iron Man himself had that voice in the live action version because it sounds better than Robert Downey Jr. There is a stronger depth within it. Another major bonus is the character of the Hulk himself. Usually the Hulk is portrayed as very slow and unintelligent as displayed in The Avengers to a point that it made me nearly think did Joss Whedon give up on the character entirely? Here the Hulk seems more like what The Hulk is supposed to be.

I definitely can't wait to check out this film. Another question to wonder is how further would it be connected within the Marvel MCU, point in timeline. Since Bruce Banner did appear in the after credits scene of Iron Man 3 this animated film is possibly a further continuation of what comes after. Also to note the Hulk Buster armor appears in the trailer which could give more hints.

Every Marvel fan should give this great animated experience a chance when it hits in next month. Iron Man & Hulk are heroes that are truly united!

Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital on Dec 3rd.


The Invincible Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk join forces to save the Earth from its greatest threat yet! When two HYDRA scientists try to supercharge a Stark Arc Reactor with Hulk's Gamma Energy, they unleash a being of pure electricity called Zzzax--and he's hungry for destruction. Together, Iron Man and Hulk are the only force that stands in the way of Zzzax's planetary blackout. But first the super heroic duo will have to get through snarling Wendigos, deadly robots and the scaly powerhouse, Abomination. Can two of Marvel's mightiest heroes find a way to work together without smashing each other before time runs out?
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