EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Yuri Lowenthal

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Yuri Lowenthal

The voice actor, best known for his work on Naruto, Ben 10: Omniverse and Young Justice, talks about his hit web series Shelf Life and his approach to certain roles, check it out after the jump.

I was able to ask Yuri a couple of questions, the talented actor has also provided the voice for Superman on Legion of Superheroes and Bobby Drake/Iceman in Wolverine and the X-Men

What made you interested in becoming a voice actor?

"I came out to LA to work in TV and Film, but was looking for other ways to make money as an actor so I took an intro to VO course with a guy named Rick Zieff. I fell in love with it, and it fell in love with me!"

Shelf Life is hilarious, what was the main idea you and your wife Tara had behind it?

"Thanks! We're very proud of it. Tara and I were looking for ideas for webseries that we thought would be easy to produce, and Tara (strangely enough, not me, even though I collect action figures) came up with the idea. I thought it was brilliant and we went from there. Now, it ended up not as easy to produce as we thought it would be, but it's still been very fulfilling!"

How do you approach a certain role, what's the process like?

"Every role is a little different for me. Usually I start with me, who I am, then I talk to the director, find out what they want, and then I get the rest from the script or any artwork they may have of the character."

Which character did you have a difficult time voicing?

"Sasuke was difficult at first, because I had to dig deep for that kind of darkness. But everyone's got it, and when I found mine it really made the character sing."

Do you happen to have a favorite?

"Not one, but many. I do love Sandal from Dragon Age..."

What are the main steps in going over an anime dub?

"Dubbing anime is like juggling. You have to pay attention to the timing and emotion of the original performance, but you're putting a whole new set of words in there. So hopefully the writer and the director do their jobs, because that makes it a lot easier for me."

Thanks for your patience, Devin.

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