Freaky Batman's Review of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Freaky Batman's Review of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

I know there have been many reviews, but most of them have been positive. I want a more realistic review of the movie.

"Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" was a very good idea for Warner Brothers to make a new animated movie out of a popular series/graphic novel--a personal favorite of mine and on of the few Jeph Loeb stories that I like. The animation was very good in comparison with Ed Mcguiness' artwork. The voices were amazing besides for Toy Man. It is always good to have Kevin Conroy back as Batman. Additionally, Tim Daly was very good in his return as Superman.

Now to the story: the movie had most of the major plot points. Unfortunately, my favorite part of the story arc was left out. That part's being when all of the sidekicks broke into the White House and looked for the data as well as attacked Lex.

The fight scenes in this movie were perfect. Every major part was there, Shiva, the cold people, Grundy, Mongul, Grodd, and everyone.

All in all this was an amazing Warner Brothers animated movie, my personal favorite of the bunch so far.

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