Futurama is back on June 24!

Futurama is back on June 24!

And here is the teaser trailer...

Futurama, who have been publishing comic books since 2000 through Bongo Comics, which was sadly cancelled in 2003 is coming back to television screens on June 24th this year.

After the popularity in DVD sales, and an example in the form of Family Guy showing FOX that a cancelled TV show can successfully hold a devoted fanbase, plus a series of four straight to DVD movies Futurama has been renewed on Comedy Central.

Though the news in reletively old and well known there is something just released that is not so old. The teaser trailer for the new season!

Clearly the show follows on directly after Into the Wild Green Yonder (the last DVD movie). As a Futurama fan of the series, comics and video game I am really looking forward to this revival.

Benjamin Boekelaar ;D

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