Interview with YOUNG JUSTICE Producer Brandon Vietti

Interview with YOUNG JUSTICE Producer Brandon Vietti

An all-new interview with "Young Justice" Producer Brandon Vietti

The World’s Finest caught up with Young Justice Producer Brandon Vietti for an all-new interview to provide a closer look at not only the series finale of the acclaimed animated series, based on the popular DC Comics characters, but also an overall peak at the complex team cartoon. Vietti explores the five-year gap, favorite characters, the writing process, and secrets from the series. Young Justice airs Saturdays at 10:30am (ET/PT) as part of DC Nation on Cartoon Network! The series finale episode “Endgame” airs at 10:30am (ET/PT) on March 16th, 2013. Continue below for more.

The World’s Finest: How did the second season of Young Justice expand on the journey and story of the original team?

Brandon Vietti:
Our team during Season One often challenged the decisions of their mentors or struggled with low self-confidence - very common teenage issues. For Season Two we wanted to turn the tables on those issues to see how it would affect our more matured leads. For example, we graduated Nightwing to the role of leader in Season Two where he found himself making the very kinds of decisions he challenged in Season One. Miss Martian found a greater sense of self after Season One but then struggled with personal and social boundaries while exploring her new found confidence in Season Two. These are real life issues we can all relate to and they take our whole lives to work out. And quite often when you feel that you've resolved one personal issue you find there's some other new issue to resolve. We wanted Young Justice to be about these issues of growing up and growing older and the time jump between seasons helped us showcase the character growth needed to explore that concept with our Season One Team.

WF: How far out in advance did you plan the series?

We had the basics for the first three seasons or so almost from day one. We wanted a strong sense of where some story threads were going and where others were ending so that we could better plan the beginning and the middle. This allowed us to lay in all kinds of elements that would build to a conclusion even if you didn't realize it while watching an episode the first time around. After you watch a full season of Young Justice you can rewatch all the episodes and often find deeper meaning or new meaning in some scenes and dialog.

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