JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR Will Start DC's Animated Continuity

JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR Will Start DC's Animated Continuity

DC's first big animated film of 2014 (Justice League: War) releases on Bluray and DVD tomorrow. Hit the jump to check out how DC plan to expand their animated universe!

Justice League: War, DC's animated adaptation of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's initial Justice League arc, is set to be the first (of many) films in DC's new shared animated universe.
War's producer James Tucker had this to say about how the film will affect future of DC's animated universe:

This will definitely be the first salvo in doing new movies that are in continuity with each other, our next movie's going to be 'Son of Batman,' and that Batman will be the same Batman that you see in 'Justice League: War.' Basically, we'll have two concurrent series of Justice League movies and Batman movies, and they'll be in continuity with each other. So it's kind of world-building.

Tucker went on to explain that DC plan on releasing three animated films a year, two of which will be in Justice League: War's continuity, while the other is out of continuity. 2014's third release (after Son of Batman) is Batman: Assault on Arkham, which takes place in the Arkham game series' universe.

What do you think of DC's plans? Are they out shining Warner Bros. live action properties? Sign off your thoughts below.

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