LanternStorm reviews The Dark Knight Returns pt. 1

LanternStorm reviews The Dark Knight Returns pt. 1

My honest opinion of the animated movie.

In this article, I will give to you the readers my review of "The Dark Knight Returns Pt. 1". I will go through and tell you what I liked and didn't like about the film. I have not read the graphic novel, just to let you guys know.

I watched "The Dark Knight Returns pt. 1 when it first came out on demand. Sorry it's taken so long for me to post my review, however prior commitments to my Zombiegeddon articles and World's Greatest polls as well as commitments with my business and home have prevented that.

First, I wasn't impressed with the artistic style. The style seemed to simplistic and rushed. There wasn't any true definition to muscles or clothing. Let me make it clear that I'm not a fan of the animated styling of Bruce Timm, and I understand this was based upon the graphic novel of the 80's but it seemed far worse than Timm's animated styling.

Second, Bruce/ Batman looked fat. From the way his boots fell down over his ankles to the width of his abdomen. It seemed more like Tankman Returns or Bulkman Returns. Batman just seemed to short and pudgy like a beefed up Penguin.

Third, would be the casting of Batman's voice. I didn't care for the actor's voice as Batman at all. He seemed as if he was holding in a dump the entire time. How scary could Batman be to the criminal element if he sounds like an ordinary guy who's trying to keep from crapping himself, I mean really?

Fourth, Why exactly did Batman have to get stark naked in his cave? I just reminded me to much of Dolph's Punisher. I mean what's the purpose? There he is in the cave slowely walking up to a cliff in the cave stripping his clothes off himself. Why?

What I did enjoy about the movie was the darkness of it. From beginning to end there were no bright aspects of it. It sort of reminded me of the production style of Brandon Lee's the Crow.

The design of Joker's awakening was probably my favorite part in the entire movie. Never showing his full face, you knew it was the Joker thought the moment you see his eyes. The only glimpse of any sign the brain dead man in that hospital was the joker, was the tint of green in his graying hair, a subtle indication which I thought was great.

The storyline in and of it's self was the final enjoyment I had in the film. Bruce Wayne being retired for 10 years, having grown a mustache to look more like his father. He realizes that with the ever growing power of the mutant army, his city needs him now more than ever. He's barely missed a step since he last put on the cape and cowl, with the only exception being that now he's heavier and not quite as quick and strong as he once was. You would think, that even if Wayne had given up crime fighting that he would have still tried to maintain his playboy shape and size. i half expected his batshirt to roll up over his gut.

Over all, I thought it was mediocre at best.
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