Lots of exciting new THE LAST AIRBENDER: LEGEND OF KORRA updates!

Lots of exciting new THE LAST AIRBENDER: LEGEND OF KORRA updates!

If you somehow forgot about the epic new series coming to Nick later on this year, check out some all new videos and images that may spark your interest!

The website Korra Nation is a website run by the creators of the new Nickelodeon series The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra, dedicated to keeping fans updated about the new show. Recently they've released a lot of interesting stuff. Check out all the new videos and images:

Newest trailer

Welcome to Korra Nation

Music Sample

Little Korra

The Fire Ferrets Strike Back!

A collection of character sketches from a production meeting - including Korra and a shot of her father:

Development art of the Avatar Aang statue by co-executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos. The statue was a gift from the Fire Nation to stand as a symbol of peace and goodwill:

An early sketch design for Asami Sato - a young non-bender and daughter to a wealthy industrialist:

A night shot of the various bridges and Downtown Station in Republic City:

An aerial shot of Air Temple Island, this background painting shows the home of Tenzin and his family. The temple was originally built by Avatar Aang:
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