Marvel Posts Super Hero Squad Sketches

Marvel Posts <em>Super Hero Squad</em> Sketches

One of the more fun cartoons to be adapted from a comic property is The Super Hero Squad Show, based on the action figure line from Hasbro. One part children’s show one part awesome, Marvel has posted some line sketches of Cap, Wolvie and more.

I recently caught an episode of this the other day and was rather surprised. I assumed it would be the Tiny Toons for the Marvel Universe, and was exactly correct. They both have a stereotype of being for children, but they’re done in the same way Pixar and Disney do their films; one part children one part adult.

So I was really stoked to see these drawings posted up on the Marvel website. I love this sort of stuff, as it gives you a look behind the scenes of a medium not normally given the “behind the scenes” treatment.

The Super Hero Squad Show can be seen on various channels around the world including Cartoon Network and ABC 3.
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