MARVELFREEK REVIEWS: Avengers: EMH The Ultron Imperative

MARVELFREEK REVIEWS: Avengers: EMH The Ultron Imperative

Ultron's back! Hit the jump to read on!

Hello once again to another review from yours truly. In this episode we see just how bad Ultron really is so let's get to it!

STORY: In the aftermath of Ultron-5's devastation to the Avengers they try to piece together what happened. Tony and Hank are destroying the final pieces to Ultron when they discover he moved his information to another Ultron, Ultron-6, So as the Avengers arrive home Ultron takes over every computer in the world including the helicarrier.He then awakens Tony's Silver centurion, stealth, classic,hulkbuster and what I believe is a retro-stealth armor to fight the team.When Tony goes to help the team he take Hulk and Wasp to the carrier leaving Hawkeye and Panther to take out the straggling suits. They sucessfully win thanks to Thor ( who escaped Enchantresses hold when everyone thought him dead) In the carrier Ultron launched all the nuclear missles with codes he stole from Maria Hill (he believes humanity failed so they must be destroyed to make the world better) So the team tries to stop him. This almost fails until Hank gives Ultron logic explaining that since his brainwaves are human he is also human and must not exsist. Tony also stops the missles just in time and all in all everything is back to normal. But something worse is on the horizon.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Not much here just see a little more of the guilty Hank from the comics and how he repents and saves the team yet still feels sad.

GEEKOUT MOMENTS: Well we see Mark 1 again which is cool. Also Thor's re-emergence was amazing (if you played immigrant song to it you would flip). But the coolest moments to me were seeing the suits fight the team and how Ultrom siphoned the gamma out of Hulk turning him to normal.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Sweet episode, but my one question is where was Cap? Did he leave somewhere because I don't recall him leaving? Also, this episode proves why Ultron is the scariest and my most favorite villain in the Avengers. I wonder how the guys at Marvel will top it! 4.75/5. Hope you enjoyed the review and stay tuned tomorrow for my review of the uncanny film X-Men:First Class! Also, check the editorials on why First Class may be more comic accurate than we believed! MARVELFREEK OUT!!!!!
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