Marvelfreek reviews Avengers:EMH "Hail Hydra!"

Marvelfreek reviews Avengers:EMH "Hail Hydra!"

This is my second review so enjoy!

Hey there readeers before I begin let me clarify something. I am aware my last article was slated to be for season 2. What happened was i got misinformed and learned the show was still in season one. i appreciate everyone letting me know and i will be more careful in the future. Ok now on to the review.

STORY: This episode is called "Hail,Hydra!" if another name were to be chosen for it it should be called "turf war" or even "civil war". Now the basis of this episode centers around the return of the Black Widow. Of course no one trusts her but Hawkeye tells the group to hear her out. What we learn is that hydra has a weapon of ultimate power (the cosmic cube)and Strucker plans to alter the world with it. She then goes on to say that A.I.M got ahold of it and now a war between the two organizations is breaking out in NYC. She also says she could only approach the avengers because everyone else thinks shes a traitior exceptt Fury who of course is MIA.So the Avengers agree to help and are caught in the middle of a war between S.H.I.E.L.D. Hydra and A.I.M with the avengers keeping the peace.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Now not much growth was seen here but we did see the Hulk change from just a cranky guy to a hero with a purpose (Ill explain) but all in all that was about it.

GEEKOUT MOMENTS: First...Maria Hill is director of shield. Shocker i know and the bigger shocker is she wants the avengers to register or be vigilante fugitives (see why id call it civil war?) Also Cap gives a heroic pep talk to hulk about him being a hero which I thought was really true Cap fashion. Also the final fight between Cap and Stucker seemed very personal.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Another great episode with a solid story 5/5 i hope u guys dont mind me making this review less revealing cuz I hate spoilers. But I will say the final seen with Bucky was good. but youll have to watch to find out why! So thanks again readers and stay tuned for another Avengers review and a review for First Class! Stay golden CBMers MARVELFREEK OUT!
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