Marvel's Avengers Assemble Review, Discussion and Poll

Marvel's Avengers Assemble Review, Discussion and Poll

Earth's Mightiest Heroes has been cancelled and it's replacement is finally arrived! Vote in my poll and share your thoughts about the pilot in the comment section.

When we first found out that Marvel was cancelling it's very successful animated series "Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes", the comic community went crazy! Jeph Loeb and his team over at Marvel however where confident that what they were developing with Disney would be even better! Now that the first two episode have aired do you agree?

How about we talk about the differences:

1. New Roster

So with this new show the creators have decided to go line up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Antman was switched for Hawkeye
Wasp gets replaced by Black Widow
The Black Panther trades spots with Falcon

I think it's worth mentioning that EMH did take several episodes to introduce everyone so we could see some additions in the future but this is the current team!

2. New Leardership

Although it's kinda early to make assumptions, it would seem that Stark will be leading the team! In Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes, there was no real team leader! The show revolved a lot more around the individual characters... This in turn allowed us to see many different team ups and people take charge! Avengers Assemble appears to be a completely different story as we see Captain America surrender command to Stark! My guess is that this is in the aftermath of Marvel's the avengers where we saw cap lead!

3. Comic Tweeks

I couldn't help but notice how Sam Wilson was associated with Tony rather than Steve Rogers! I was shocked when he was offered War Machine's armour or that his Falcon costume was created by Stark rather than being a gift from the Black Panther! Makes me wonder if I'll see my favorite avenger in this series at all!?!

4. New Designs and Animation Style

Unlike with the previous show, Avengers Assemble has gone with more mainstream designs. The best way to describe it is a mix between Ultimate Spiderman and the live action movies. The animation style I am personally not a fan of lol being an animator myself I was quite disappointed! It's really not that bad but let's be clear that it's no Young Justice either!

5. The Bitter / Sweet

The biggest difference between this show and EMH is the ties to the MCU! Clearly this is a marketing strategy to sell more dvds and toys but the constant lines taken from our favourite blockbusters can be a bit much! Honestly this kinda reminded me of Star Trek Into Darkness :S

So what did you think of Avengers Assemble so far? Share your thoughts below...
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